This time I bought Alverde's Reinigungsmilch Wildrose, Aqua Mattierende Tagescreme 3 in 1 Perle, Aqua Peeling Perle, Clear Gesichtstonic Heilerde and Puder Camouflage.

First, Reinigungsmilch Wildrose. I got a travel size from Izar and I loved it as a cleansing milk back then for winter (and I also foresaw that cleansing power might not be enough in summer for my oily skin and I was partly right).

I asked Izar if I could use it as a makeup remover and she said yes, but when I tried it as a makeup remover in winter with the travel size, it didn't remove my makeup very well, lots traces to be seen and I felt small bumps on my face. Needless to say, I was disappointed cause I thought it would replace my NIVEA makeup remover (I bought makeup remover from Corine de Farme and works wonderfully!). But when I finally bought a full size and use it again this time, my point of view changed, it's actually a very good makeup remover, only last time I didn't use it properly, and now I use a cotton pad to remove the cream and the melt makeup instead of rinsing it off with water and the result is dramatic! It gently removes all makeup traces (you have to massage it into your skin for a considerable time) and doesn't irritate skin, followed by toner and moisturizer (I still yet have to use Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid and Bio Oil), your routine is completed. :-)

What It Is: Alverde Reinigungsmilch Wildrose  150ml

Price: €2,25

Availability: Exclusively by DM

PROs: Decent makeup remover. Doesn't irritate skin. Smells nice.

CONs: Not enough cleansing power in summer and/or for oily girls.

Verdict: 9 out of 10


And second, Aqua Mattierende Tagescreme 3 in 1 Perle. I only found out while writing this review and checking the package that I bought the wrong one: I wanted to buy Alverde Aqua Tagesfluid Perle but in a hurry I grabbed Aqua Mattierende Tagescreme 3 in 1 Perle cause the packagings are exactly the same. And I'm glad I bought it.

It is better than Alverde Aqua Tagesfluid Perle, much better, cause it's easier to blend and the texture is "softer". I use it together with Bio Oil: I first squeeze a pea sized cream on my hand and then 2 drops of Bio Oil on it, rub with my hands and then apply on my face. It's so much better than applying them separately. And it doesn't leave residue. No weird smell either.

What It Is: Alverde Aqua Mattierende Tagescreme 3 in 1 Perle   50ml

Price: €3,25

Availability: Exclusively by DM

PROs: Easy to blend. Easy to be absorbed. No residue.

CONs: Not that I know of.

Verdict: 10 out of 10


The third product is Aqua Peeling Perle, I have mixed feeling for it.

Upon opening the cap, I got the first negative surprise: it smells like a combination of alcohol (by the way, alcohol is the second on INCIS) and bathroom cleanser...!!! It's so overwhelming that I was reluctant to put it on my face...!

And the second negative surprise is the huge blue beams. They're harsh on my skin. They're even hard to smash with fingers. I much prefer NIVEA face scrub.

What It Is: Alverde Aqua Peeling Perle  50ml

Price: €1,95

Availability: Exclusively by DM

PROs: Good face  scrub for the price, so once I finish it, I won't buy it again.

CONs: The smell...! The blue beams seem a bit too harsh.

Verdict: 6 out of 10


The next product is Clear Gesichtstonic Heilerde

I'm really not demanding on toner, I've used Oshadhi Highland Lavender toner and Liz Earle toner ( they're both very very good toners and I love them a lot. Only Liz Earle is expensive and Oshadhi is not available here) as well as NIVEA ones, the difference is not really that big. Now this one claims to be good for blemished skin, so far (1 week of use) I didn't notice any change, but it's a very decent toner and keeps my face hydrated and is a good "joint" product for my cream, so I should at least give it 8.5 out of 10.

What It Is: Alverde Clear Gesichtstonic Heilerde

Price: €2,25

Availability: Exclusively by DM

PROs: ?

CONs: ?

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10


The last product is Puder Camouflage

This is the one that I like the least out of all my Alverde items, to say the least. Or, not at all.

I discovered it on Aussen und Innen's blog and it seemed that the powder can refine large pores. That was the reason why I bought it.

It smells very weird, I can't even describe it. And although the manufacturer is thoughtful enough to enclose a sponge, it does nothing in practical. The powder, oh now that the powder, it's so cakey and the texture is all wrong. I just can't do anything right with it, it doesn't refine my pores and has no coverage and doesn't even out my skintone. Guess it's the biggest disappointment in the purchase.

What It Is: Alverde Puder Camouflage

Price: €3,85

Availability: Exclusively by DM

PROs: Lovely box with mirror and sponge

CONs: Smell. Creates white cast. Looks cakey.

Verdict: 2 out of 10. Won't buy again.


Last but not least, I saw a cat on our terras! Isn't she cute!?

I guess it might be the best way to celebrate my birthday: shopping + nature.

Not long ago I was excited to learn that the famous British drugstore Boots have branch shops in the Nederlands and I was eager to know what they offer. I was especially interested in A'kin or Trilogy Rosehip Oil (Boots in the UK do carry it, so why not in the Nederlands?), so I didn't go to Germany on my birthday but instead went to Holland especially for Boots.

As you know the neighbourhood where I live is not very nice, so it's an eye-candy to see beautiful towns like Heide full of fairytale-like villas and green field and tidy bicycle path, and in Holland, it's beautiful and tidy everywhere, even in the train station! And everywhere was quiet! No screaming youth, no crying babies. It had a certain serenity that I'm dying to have in my neighbourhood, and it also brought back some childhood memories.

Holland should also be an ideal place for shopping next to my number first destination Germany, cause it has a larger selection cosmetics-wise and has a lower VAT, plus it's not far from Belgium, in 25 minutes I'm already in Holland...! :-D

The town we went is Barendrecht, a tiny weeny cozy lovely gem in the southern Holland. I can't believe, while Boots is only available in few cities in Holland, Barendrecht is one of them. :-)

Ponds and rivers are everywhere and ducks are also to be seen. The sun shone upon the crystal clear water and made the whole town quite dreamy, and flowers are also not to be missing either. I doubted if it was paradise.

Thanks to Joeri's perfect orientation we found the shopping street in 10 minutes (it would take lifetime for me, I lost my way hundred times in Antwerpen already...!!!).

Boots in Barendrecht was actually quite disappointing and boring, they had a very small assortment, more like a normal drugstore, there you could only find their own brands such as No.7 etc. They didn't have what I wanted, they didn't even heard of it (but they were very helpful), so I went away empty handed. I only spent less than 3 minutes in the shop, I didn't even bother to have a look around. But never mind, Joeri will go to China anyway and I'll ask him to buy my precious oil. :-D

For those of you who are interested in the products, search A'kin (unlisted brand) Rosehip Oil or Trilogy Rosehip Oil and you'll understand why I'm so crazy about them. :-)

And then we had a short walk in the shopping street, I had a look in almost all the shops. :-P

Living in Barendrecht is truly an enjoyment...! I haven't seen a town quite as cozy as this one yet. I'm sure I'll come here again. :-)

On the way back, we got off at Heide, I love nature and would love to have a walk in the forest there. The fresh air and the woody scent did me good.

I just got a big nasty pimple 2 days before my birthday and it's still on my face as of now...! Very heartbroken...!

Embrace my 27th year...

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