Nick welcome back...! We've been waiting for too long since your last album and we all think you've drifted away too far from your roots but yesterday I've just heard your "Barefoot" which is rumored to be in your new album "Giants" and I was so positively surprised...! Simply Euphoric! Praise God that it's Ibiza Era again...! Praise God that your whole new album will be the old school style and it'll be a bliss to all your loyal fans...!

Chicane - Barefoot

Oh well, I initially wanted to buy the Alverde baked blushers after having seen Innen und Aussen's pictures and swatches. I thought it was an LE or something and I was rather excited. This was my motivation why I went to Germany last Monday, and I also needed to send a package to Sweden - I arranged a deal with someone on MUA, she asked for some P2 LE goodies and how dramatic it was that I gave up my own choice but bought for myself what she wanted...!

En ja, my dream blushers, the Alverde baked ones turned out to be way smaller in reality than what I had imagined them to be...! No blush brush could successfully get powder off the surface, it's really that small, diametre 3 cm maybe? And the colours were not that great either. As I went to the P2 counter, having seen their LE blushers for the first time, I thought I was in love, so I bought both of them instead of the Alverde ones. No regrets.

The ones I bought are #10 Summer Flirt and #20 Summer Love.

#010 Summer Flirt: A beautiful peach/coral colour with pale golden veins. The colour is very eye-catchy and the blush has a vague olive oil smell, it smells exactly like my HEMA Wet And Dry Blush, even the packaging is highly similar too. It performs well on my face, giving a subtle glow and doesn't enlarge my pores. It has all that advantages one requires a blush to be, except for the staying power,

#020 Summer Love: Cold pinkish berry with pale golden veins. I have a love-hate relationship for this one: the colour looks absolutely unique in the pan but it turns to red on my cheeks. -_-

What It Is: P2 LE Summer Love Blush #01 Summer Flirt and #02 Summer Love  7g

Price: €3,25

Availability: (as far as I know) DM

PROs: Cheap. Subtle. Beautiful colours.

CONs: Not long lasting.

Verdict: 9 out of 10 for #010; 8.5 out of 10 for #020. Overall good blushes, worth the money.



Foundation: Silk Naturals in Medium Coverage

Blush: P2 LE Blush #010 Summer Flirt

Lip product: Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss 52W

Eyeshadow: Catrice High Pearl Loose Eyeshadow #50 Sophisticated Brown

I think Catrice is in general a very good brand cause their price is incredibly low meanwhile the quality is quite amazing.

I've bought this compact powder before in the lightest shade #110 Light Beige but it was still a bit too dark for me (and my skin is not that fair). It sure looks very pale in the compact but once applied, it significantly darkens on my face. Well I have this problem with any mineral foundation so maybe I really should stick to Silk Naturals' wonderful Custom Blend system. I guess it's the only mineral foundation that I've tried so far which is almost perfect (9.8 out of 10 maybe?), although my first impression of it was not that positive.

Back to this one, what happened to my previous Catrice Mineral Compact Powder? I found it too dark therefore ground it into fine powder and mixed it with other foundation.

So why did I buy it again? Because now that summer is near, I'll be a bit tanned, so I thought maybe the shade would suit my current skintone. But well, the shade is still a bit too dark, but it's no problem. I don't mind the difference cause apart from that, it's a very good powder.

The coverage is light to medium, on the light side though (far from covering up my pimples), maybe that's why it looks so natural on the skin (but you should know how to apply it correctly), which is exactly the reason why I go for it. :-).

What It Is: Catrice Mineral Compact Powder in #110 Light Beige   10g

Price: €3,49

Availability: (in Germany) Galeria, DM, Müller, Ihr Platz; (in Belgium) Kruidvat.

PROs: Looks naturals. Cheap. Natural ingredients. Doesn't break me out. Long lasting.

CONs: Shade a bit too dark. Not enough coverage.

Verdict: 9 out of 10! I wish they had it in lighter shade.


Foundation: Catrice Mineral Compact Powder in #110 Light Beige (no concealer)

Blush: P2 LE Summer Love blush #01 Summer Flirt

Lipgloss: Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss in 52W

Eyeshadow: Catrice High Pearl Loose Eyeshadow in #050 Sophisticated Brown (discontinued)

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