Please don't blame me, but aren't all women easily tempted by new and lovely cosmetics? Two weeks ago Izar just tempted me once more with her successful and satisfactory purchase Labello Strawberry so I became a drool-hanging puppy again and this very Labello was the second priority on my shopping list for my Germany Daytrip. :-P

Pity they didn't have it (and don't forget that I've been to 3 DM plus 1 Galeria...!!!) so I bought this Fruity Pomegranate instead and I'm very happy with it. :-)

The packaging looks romantic! The red fruit looks promising! And it smells fruity sweet, though not necessarily pomegranate. They say there's "unwiderstchlicher Schimmer" (irresistible shimmer) but it's not too obvious and certainly not annoying on my lips. It looks so scary red in the tube but goes on sheer. I quite enjoy the sheerness too, I actually don't feel that I have any lip product on, it's just so subtle and gives a slight shine and it's of course not sticky. I'll wear it very often in the summer to avoid heavy and greasy looking lips.

What it is: Labello Fruity Pomegranate 4,8g

Price: €1.45 (Should it be available in Belgium, the price is easily doubled, if not more...)

Availability: Practically in every drugstore.

PROs: Availability. Price. Colour. Smell.

CONs: None.

Verdict: 10 out of 10! Love it and would like to buy it again...! :-)

It's not a coincidence why I bought these two Manhattan lippies in Germany while they're also available in Belgium. There's a remarkable price difference between the two countries. The Manhattan Mineral Loose Powder (15g) ratails €6,85 (by Kruidvat) in Belgium whereas in Germany it's merely around €4 (by DM). So when I say Germany is a cosmetics heaven, I not only mean the amount of brands that are available there, but also the price. So if possible, I always tend to rush to Germany to buy some goodies - cosmetics or food or whatever I feel like. Maybe you'll ask :"Isn't the train ticket expensive?" Well not for me, cause my boyfriend works for the Belgian national railway company so I also get very attractive discount which makes a day-trip ticket to Germany just a piece of cake. So that's why I can save so much more on cosmetics even if I have to pay for the train ticket...!

Well, the two Manhattan lippies I bought are High Shine Lipgloss in 52W and Tasty Lips Lipgloss in 59K.

Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss:

The packaging is like that of most lipglosses: transparent plastic tube. And the colour is a lovely red with pink undertone (recently I'm in love with bright colours again). Magic Nectar in a tube. :-)

I'm not very fond of the applicator, though I thought it's cute at first sight. Well it's soft and doesn't stretch your lips at all, but it's just so irritating that the tip tends to split. v_v

What it is: Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss  6ml

Price: €3,55

Availability: (as far as I know) DM, Müller and Ihr Platz

PROs: Nice smell, Cheap, Lovely colour, Easy to apply. Non sticky. Doesn't leak.

CONs: The applicator tip tend to split. I wish it came with a doe-foot applicator.

Verdict: 9 out of 10! I'd love to try other shades too!


Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipgloss:

In the tube it's a cold berry pink, but on your lips there's barely any colour (or very subtle) but a glossy watery shine. I just don't understand why it appears so dark on the swatch photo above but goes so sheer on my lips. :-S But ok, no big deal cause I have enough lipglosses that beautifully paint my lips.

This applicator is much nicer! :-D

What it is: Manhattan Tasty Lips Lipgloss  6ml

Price: €3,55

Availability: (as far as I know) DM, Müller and Ihr Platz

PROs: Fits into any handbag (it measures 8,6cm), Smells nice, Handy applicator, Cheap, Non sticky.

CONs: Not long-lasting

Verdict: 9,5 out of 10!

All in all, I'm very satisfied with these two lipglosses and would like to take both with me on vacation: one almost colourless when I use a bright blusher and another bright pinky red lipgloss when I use only minimum blush and eyeshadow. The two should be enough for most of the occasions.

Hi hi dear readers...! I've just been to Aachen, Germany yesterday and bought some goodies that I really love...! Both cosmetics and non-cosmetics. During the 4 hours of shopping time, we (my boyfriend and I) have been to 3 DMs, 1 Galeria, 1 MediaMarkt, 1 Saturn, post office and Ihr Platz, super productive and efficient, no time for Müller though, pitiful. But I'm planning on going to Germany again within 1 month (probably around my birthday) right before I go to China for vacation and I'm sure I won't miss Müller again. :-)

So in the next few days I'll review them one by one per brand with detailed description and tons pictures, so please watch my blog closely. ^_^

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