I bought the 3 Essence Lipsticks already awhile ago, I was just too lazy to review them, now it's really high time that I did so!

They're #03 Sparkling Angel, #40 Look At Me! and #41 Femme Fatale. Different textures, Sparkling Angel and Look At Me are shimmery, the other is matte. They retail for €1,99 each in Belgium. They're housed in silver coloured aluminum tube, the packaging is simple but classic and attractive (at least to me). They have a slight sweet smell, pleasant, but a bit artificial.

#03 is a light-hearted shimmery young and fresh and innocent pink, the shimmer may look a bit cheap but it's indeed a nice colour, very suitable to young girls. Easy to apply, unfortunately not long lasting, maybe due to the shimmer? All in all a nice colour, and nice consistency too. And for €1,99 you can't go wrong, really...

#40 might be the only one out of the three that I don't like, the colour is simply wrong to me! I look very ill and pale and ashy when wearing this, easy to apply though. The colour is difficult to describe too, shimmery mid-tone copper maybe? I won't buy it again, I can't imagine who would look good wearing it... -_-

#41 is another colour that I like! And it's actually the one I like the best out of the 3! It's a bright red with purple undertone, a dead-on dupe of my Pout "Please Me". Really, I don't see any colour difference at all! And it has no shimmer, which is another big plus to me (not into shimmer, but Sparkling Angel is good). I welcome bright colours cause I normally only apply minimum blush and no eyeshadow at all, and bright colours make me look alive. :-)

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