When I was in high school, I was a big fan of computer games, and there was one game, whose music is divine and heavenly to me, therefore I made a few remakes (using the software "Cakewalk") according to the original ones myself, some are quite similar to the original, whereas others are different. And here's one of my all time favourites: White Cliff (it's the name of my remake, the original one didn't have a name but only a number).

Click here for the original one. It has a particular echo effect which I really love, but my Cakewalk doesn't have that. -_-

Click here for my verison.

There're not many differences between the two but still it's subtly different. I changed some instruments (it's so irritating that when being converted from wrk to mid format, some instruments are also slightly changed) and it gives another feeling. Enjoy! ^_^

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