A big Thank You to Izar, for tagging me in her blog. I feel honoured. So now it's my turn to do it.


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1. I've never used mascara in my entire life.

2. I know it's a bad habit, but I always bite my nails when nervous, which explains why I never use nail polish.

3. My lifetime favourite song is Isla Blanca - Aerosoul (Aftersun Chill Factor Mix), I've been listening to it 20 times per day in average since the day I found it 4 years ago and never get tired of it. I love that when I'm writing and need to concentrate, Isla Blanca is filled in the room and then I'm in a semi-trance state, for a whole afternoon or whole evening, truly a heavenly experience. I'll have it played on my funeral. I even wrote a poem for it published on www.fictionpress.com (userID: Spookuur)

4. I collect pens. :-)

5. My favourite places are mostly cold places such as Scandinavia and Russia, with one exception, which is East Europe, namely Hungary and Poland.

6. Gothic minded, but I don't dress like a Goth.

7. I'm constantly thinking about the ideal place to die, preferably ocean.
I noticed that I got some regular readers except for Izar and Sagu, but none of them comment my blog entries, which I've been wondering out of frustration why that's so. Therefore, I cannot tag anyone rather than Izar and Sagu (I might encourage people to comment if I have a give-away kind of project but I don't want to do that, not now at least).

So my choices are:

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I'm a Chinese living in Belgium, gothic and random minded.

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