Oh Gosh oh Gosh! I was so excited and overjoyed to discover the upcoming Limited Edition of Catrice for May: Oceana!

As the name suggests, the colours are mostly deep blue and emerald. I've never been that excited for any of their LE (although I do like most of them! Of course! :-D). So what does this LE include? Let's find out...!

Oceana Soft Eyeshadow - €1.99 per piece

Delicate, soft textures of matte eye shadow available in 4 colors:

  • Sandy Beach

  • Pebble Beach

  • Sea of Green

  • Blue Out to Sea

Smooth Duo Eyeliner - €1.99

Two of the most beautiful colors of the sea merge in the new Smooth Duo Eyeliner a perfect duet for in-depth look. The secret lies in a matte and a glossy shade that can be both apply very gentle. Available in:

  • Grey Sky – Green Sea

  • Blue Sky – Blue Sea

Maximum Volume Mascara Resist - €2.99

An intense look, like the unfathomable depths of the ocean succeed easily with the water-resist maximum volume mascara. It is almost black, but mixed with magic, dark blue pigments. Available in:
  • Almost Black – but blue
Moisturizing Lipstick - €2.99

The ocean is full of life and magnificent coral colors. These were captured in a creamy, moisturizing lipstick with fine shell and they will become the must-have for the summer. The Moisturising Lipstick is available in two colors:

  • Ocean Sunset

  • Ocean Sunrise

Soft Lip Color - €2.79

Seductively glossy lips – the soft Lip Colour Brilliant magic effects on nude lips and perfectly complements the moisturizing lipstick with a high-gloss finish. The soft texture pampers the lips and dips it in the warm colors of the rising and setting sun. Available in two colors:

  • Ocean Sunset

  • Ocean Sunrise

Ultimate Nail Lacquer - €2.49

Bright colors and innovative finishes! With the latest trend wave from New York the Ultimate Nail Laquer shines in the intensive colors of ocean blue and exotic red and in the absolute hottest Matt finish at the shades of green and gray: Available in four colors:

  • Pebble Beach

  • Sea of Green

  • Blue Out to Sea

  • Ocean and Sunset

Moisturizing Spray - €2.99

Pure refreshment! The Aqua spray provides the skin with intense moisture and a sparkling fresh kick! Perfect for a long hot day at the beach or in between, if you simply feel the gentle spray of the ocean on the skin.

So voilà, that's it. Gorgeous aren't they!? :-) The designs (especially the nail lacquer one) are too attractive to resist...! I'll definitely buy the lipgloss in lighter shade and the correspondent lipstick, plus the spray and one of the eyeshadow (I have to choose between the grey and the blue ones yet, but might get both if it's a difficult choice :-P) you can expect swatches from me. :-) So until then, dear readers, be patient and let's hope they're worth my money (I'm sure they are!) ! ^_^

Oh I must have been crazy, after the negative experience with their blushes not long ago, I was recommended to their Dream Creamy Foundation by a friend, thus how I stumbled upon it. Since it's a new product and is not yet available in Belgium so I swapped for it from MUA (the lovely MUAer also gave me a Smashbox lipstick which I'll review later in this post entry).

It's in a cheap looking plastic pot, but sturdy enough. It also comes with a sponge, which is not bad at all. The shade is Nude.

As you know I was skeptical about Maybelline but since my friend recommended it and it got a not bad rating on MUA, I thought I should give it a try. Have my friend not recommended it, I would never have bought or swapped for it. Well, what should I say? I'm glad I did...! :-D

My first impression was: Wow! It looks very natural, not mask-like at all. My second impression was: bah, not enough coverage (I used Essence concealer pencil prior using this foundation). But if it does provide full coverage, then how can you expect it to look natural? So it's the old dilemma again that I won't discuss here, cause you have to decide which one you're after: full coverage or natural looking. As for me, I choose natural looking.

It's very creamy and moisturizing, I was afraid that the colour would be a bit too dark (it's strong yellow based) but it blends into my own skintone perfectly, which, at this point, no mineral foundation can achieve.

Long lasting too. I wore it yesterday for at least 8 hours and I almost didn't see any fading or wearing off. But of course you have to set it with powder.

All in all, I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't need much coverage and who's searching for lightweight, natural looking foundation. Perfect for summer.

What It Is: Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation 14,5g

Price: Unknown

PROS: Feels lightweight on the skin, looks very natural, blends easily, long lasting, creamy.

CONS: Not enough coverage, limited shades to choose from, not easy to remove.

Verdict: 9 out of 10 I'll probably buy it off eBay but not at our local drugstores here. :-P


So now let's talk about the Smashbox Lipstick, in the shade "Invite Only", a gorgeous red.

The first thing that drew my attention was the packaging. It comes in a stylish metal box decorated with plastic jewelry and with a little mirror and black velvet inside, which feels expensive.

And now the lipstick itself. It looks exactly the same as my most beloved Catrice lipstick Indian Brown. Only the texture is even better. It doesn't wear off easily and is moisturizing too, what's more, it seems to "lift" my lips and erase the fine lines too, which means that it provides full coverage.

There's a slight colour difference in the photo and somehow it appears pink but on my lips I detect no colour difference.

What It Is: Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick in the shade "Invite Only"

Price: $22 for 3.6g

PROS: Creamy, long lasting, glides smoothly on the lips, beautiful shade, full coverage.

CONS: None.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

I'd very much love to buy it again but it's discontinued. :-(

Last but not least: FOTD

You can still see my imperfections in this photo (but they're improving visibly since recently, thanks to 2 major elements, which will be told in my next post! :-D And don't forget, my imperfections are scars that have been haunting me for almost 6 years...! ) but I guess if I use a better concealer then it can be completely covered up, but at present I'm actually very satisfied with my Essence concealer and will not search for another one. I'm hoping that my scars will be completely cleared up before summer! Fingers crossed! :-)

What I used:

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation

Concealer: Essence Concealer Pencil #1 Natural Beige

Blush: Maybelline Mineral Blush "Topaz Rose"

Lipstick: Smashbox Invite Only

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