I recently got two Maybelline Pure Mineral Blushes, one I swapped from MUA, the other I bought off eBay UK (only £3,74 including S&H, £1,24 for the product itself. I wouldn't go higher than 2 pounds).

It's strange why I swapped for or bought them. I never liked Maybelline (my first foundation was Maybelline Wonder Finish, my mom bought it for me when I was around 18, well I never wore cosmetics before but there was an important event and I didn't want to be bare faced so I begged my mom to buy it for me, she kindly did, but the foundation worked not well at all (I couldn't believe it! So much money for so little result!), and I didn't dare to tell her, lest it would disappoint her, cause it was very expensive and my mom was not someone who gladly threw money in the water, my family has been financially tight for many years), I even hated Maybelline for wasting my mom's money, but still, some time ago I got interested in their mineral blushes and eventually got two, and here's the review.

The two shades are 10 Topaz Rose and 40 Quartz Peach.

They both have no odor and have fine shimmer, which is not a problem for me. Topaz Rose is a super bright pink, very Barbie doll-like. You really need a skunk brush plus light hand for it otherwise you become a clown. Quartz Peach is, as the name suggest, peachy/tangerine, colour wise. I personally like it way better than Topaz Rose. The two shades have 1 thing in common though: they don't really look natural on your cheek (or is it just my technique? But I'm not a blusher newbie and I have the best brush (as far as I can afford) for it). My personal experience with the two blushers stray far away from the main stream on MUA, which is rare.

It says "Mineral powder blush. No added preservatives, fragance (wrong spelling?) or talc. Oil free."

The swatches are true to the actual colours.

Under natural sunlight.

What It Is: Maybelline Pure Mineral Blush Topaz Rose and Quartz Peach. 4.5g

PROS: Good pigmentation. Relatively Long Lasting (if you consider 5 hours is long lasting but my Pout blushers easily last 8 hours or longer, even Catrice and HEMA blushes perform better at this point).

CONS: Price (around €10 in Belgium, outrageous! Needlessly to say, I would never pay for the full price). Not Easy To Blend. Can Get Quite Messy. The Result is Not Really Natural. Quartz Peach Can Look Ashy On Some People.

Verdict: Topaz Rose 4 out of 10; Quartz Peach 7.5 out of 10. Won't buy again.

Maybelline, you let me down once again after 9 years.

And here's the FOTD:

What I used for this look:

Foundation: A mix of Catrice Mineral Foundation #010 Natural Beige and Silk Natural White Base in Medium Coverage.

Cheek: Maybelline Mineral Blush #40 Quartz Peach (I applied a bit more than usual so you can see the colour better).

Eyes: Silk Naturals "Sapphire"

Lips: Pout "Please Me"

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