(In memory of loving Pout)

Pout is a legend in cosmetics world.

Pout is discontinued.

How very sad...! :-(


I got to know the brand in early 2008, Pout was already discontinued by then but you could still find their products on eBay and online shopping sites (as long as they sell high-end cosmetics, such as www.amazon.co.uk, www.thecosmeticshouse.com etc.) at a reasonable price, but as it was getting more and more difficult to get hold of, the price was rising too, but it didn't stop Pout fans from spending their hard earned money on their favourite cult band, and it's exactly they that made Pout a legend.

And when I found this fantastic brand, it was almost too late. It took me quite some time to discover and find out their stellar products and meanwhile Pout was disappearing quickly on the world wide web. I managed to get their Radiant Foundation (in a beautifully decorated glass bottle with lacy pattern), Vanilla Cream Foundation (in a beautifully decorated plastic bottle with lacy pattern), Blossom Belle blush (in a sleek chic turquoise compact, the original size is even bigger than a regular compact face powder, 12g), Cherie Tarte blush (5g), Loose Powder (17g), Moisturizer in Organza (40g), Wild Berry blush cream stick (7.5g, it lasts forever), Compact Face Powder (8.5g). I used to have more of their products but I swapped them away on MUA. The only two things on my wishlist right now, though I know I'll probably never have the chance to find them, are Coral Diva blusher and the legend Apricot Totty blusher (though I don't think it'll perform as well as Blossom Belle).

The signature of Pout is their lacy pattern which is utterly feminine and sexy. They had a large choice when it comes to cosmetics. Their most famous products are LipPlump Lipgloss, Radiant Foundation and blushers (in powder form or cream form). I'll try to write reviews of all their products that I have. This time is for blushers.

Pout Wild Berries Cream Blush: Girls prefer powder blushes cause they're easy to blend, but this one, as a cream blush, is easy to blend too.

Presented in an oh-so-beautiful sleek and chic turquoise metal tube decorated with fishnet.

Don't be put off by the dark red, once blended, it's not dark at all, suitable for almost all girls with different skintones and skin types, but suits dry skinned girls the best. 8,5 out of 10.

Pout Blossom Belle Powder Blush:

A highly sought after shade! It gets a higher rating than the legendary Apricot Totty on MUA. A very beautiful tangerine shade with lots of shimmer, ok, I'm not into shimmer but I do love Blossom Belle. The powder is extremely fine (but I have to say, not all Pout blushers have such fine texture) and doesn't accentuate your pores or pimples, nor does it cause breakouts, long lasting too, and the pan is very generous, 12g, bigger than most of the compact face powder. A solid 10 out of 10.

Pout Cherie Tarte Powder Blush:

This one is less known, cause it's not a blush for everyone. But still, if you have the right skintone for it, then it's a hit. How it performs also largely depends on your makeup style of course. In my humble opinion you need a low profile eyeshadow for it, less shimmer or sparkling cause the blush itself is already an eyeball catcher.

It's hard to describe the shade, a bit plum maybe? Definitely on the cool side. I give it 9 out of 10.

What do you think of them? Let Fan know! :-D

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