Finally I have some time to write a post again! This week I got rotten working hours and didn't have much time at home, until now... :-)

So this post entry is for the gifts I got for 2009 Xmas, not many though, but all of them are stunning and lovely. I love and cherish each of them...! Really really... On 25th December I got a gift card of Kruidvat from Anna, she's been so thoughtful, knowing that I'm a regular customer of Kruidvat. :-P Indeed, even though I need nothing from them, I would just have a quick look in their shops to see if they have promotions on my favourite brands, or if I can find something new there (the one at Meir has surprised me a lot of times! They have some cool brands (I'm talking about cosmetics and skincare products of course :-P) that are not available in other branches). I guess I'll use the gift card on Catrice when they have promotion again.

And a wonderful Philips mp3 player from Joeri received at New Year's Eve! :-D He's absolutely caring, knowing that I love music (without music I'll die, literally) and that my previous mp3 player is broken. I had absolutely no idea what was in the box (badly gift-wrapped by Joeri by the way :-P), and when I opened the box, I guess my heart did beat a bit faster...! It was exactly what I wanted for a long time and after I've tried it out I found the quality is simply great...! It's amazing that Joeri always knows exactly what I'm longing and never disappoints me...! Truly a soul mate...!

And last but not least, some Alverde products and a necklace (very antique-like and elegant) from Izar...! :-D

So they're Alverde Pflegedusche Vanilleblüte Mandarine, Wildrose Reinigunsmilch, Wildrose Gesichtswasser and Macadamianuss Karitébutter körperbutter.

I love the Gesichtswasser the best, the smell is pure rose, not artificial, not irritating, it does linger on your face for awhile which is pleasant for me. It keeps my face moisturized very well. And then there comes the Cleansing Milk, it's said to be good for dry skin, well my skin is oily but I have no problems using it, the cleansing is mild and doesn't irritate my skin and is perfect for winter, but maybe in summer I might want to use something stronger to get rid of the oil on my face. The body butter is also quite good, non greasy, easy to blend (much better than NIVEA Blue Tin at this point) and perfect for everyday use, mine is almost up, I'll ask Joeri to buy me a big one when he's in Germany again.

Only the shower gel disappointed me slightly, cause it doesn't lather much, and I don't see a difference after I've used it, I'll stick to my Dove shower gel. :-P

(from left to right: Alverde Pflegedusche Vanilleblüte Mandarine, Wildrose Reinigunsmilch, Wildrose Gesichtswasser and Macadamianuss Karitébutter körperbutter)

And, why don't you have a look at our gorgeous Christmas tree? :-P

(Sorry, this one is not very sharp, but it looks warm and mysterious nonetheless, the curtain at the background only makes it more atmospheric)

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