Hello? Hello? Is there any Bourjois blushes lover out there? I'm sure there is...! :-) I can already count in Izar...! :-D

I used to drool over their blushes too, so many colours to choose from and package is lovely too, but the price is simply too steep, if calculated by gram, it's actually more expensive than MAC blushes (not that I'm a fan of MAC, on the contrary, I've never liked that brand, and I'll never do, strange hé?) considering Bourjois is no more than a drug store brand, moreover, many girls reported that after a while the surface will get literally as hard as a stone and any brush will fail to get some powder off it, not even mention the weight is already on the very low side (2.5g) so I doubt if it's really worth the money (OK, they're not expensive in the UK and the USA, but in Belgium, you can forget about buying it) although I do have to admit it's indeed beautiful.

So, fair maidens, if you're planning on buying Bourjois blushes but are scared by the price, I'll introduce a cheap alternative for you, yet the quality is maybe even better than that of Bourjois:

HEMA Wet & Dry Blush...! :-D

I've been told that cosmetics from HEMA is rotten so I didn't care to try it. But 3 weeks ago, when I was in HEMA, I glanced at the cosmetics shelf, and I saw something shiny, I had a closer look, it's a beautiful and unique blush. I tried all the colours and finally picked the one I liked the most and bought it. And ever since then, I've been using it daily. :-D

There're 4 colours available, one of them is highlighter which I don't need, and another one is a golden brown bronzer (which I don't need either) and can also be used as a blusher for dark skinned girls. So there're only 2 shades for me to choose from, as well as for most fair skinned girls (my skin is actually not that fair), one of them is a lovely bright pink, the other is a very unique salmon/berry red with pink undertone and it's the one I bought (shade #2). Oh I should have bought the pink one too! Damn!

It's dome shaped and has mysterious veins. If not for the packaging, then it looks exactly like a Bourjois blush...! It's, as I said, a unique salmon/berry red/pink depending on the light which is similar to one of the MAC Skin Mineralize blushes. I guess it's probably either a mineral blush or a baked blush, though it's nowhere mentioned on the packaging. But if it's a baked blush, like Bourjois', then I would worry if the surface hardens after a while of use but I've been using it daily for 3 weeks and so far it doesn't appear so. :-)

Once I've tried it on my face, I couldn't stop admiring it...! Simply perfect...! Normally I only use matte blushes cause most of the blushes with sheen will enlarge my pores and pimples, but not this one...! It feels very light and easy to blend, and the pigmentation is very good. If you use a regular blush brush, one layer should already be enough, if you're a bit heavy handed or a newbie to blush, use a skunk brush and 2 or 3 layers would satisfy you, depending on the effect and intensity you want. :-) It's pretty long lasting, at least 6 hours for sure and has no strange smell, which is a plus for me.

It's a "Wet & Dry" blush but I don't think I'll ever use it wet. I don't recommend using it wet to anyone, unless if you want a clown effect. :-D

(The colour on this photo is a bit dark due to the lack of the natural light, sorry)

Doesn't it bewitch you...? :-P Such a beautiful salmon pink/red...!

It says (at least in Dutch): Also to use with a dry sponge (what!? Sponge?) for a matte effect or use it wet for a glossy (?) effect.

What it is: HEMA Wet & Dry Blush #2

Price: €5.5o exclusively by HEMA 7g.

PROs: Beautiful colour. Intensity. Cheap. Long lasting. Won't enlarge pores. Easy to blend. Can be used with both a regular blush brush (light hand...!) or a skunk brush. No obvious smell.

CONs: None...! :-D Or wait! They don't have an ingredient list, not on the product itself, nor on their website, which slightly annoys me. :-P

Verdict: 10 out of 10. Will definitely buy again...! :-D

Finally, a swatch on my hand, and remember it's only one layer. The colour is simply amazing and very intense too, with a beautiful pearly iridescent sheen. Love it. :-)

Happy New Year everyone...! :-D

I've recently got an interest in Origami and 1 month ago I learnt how to make Kawasaki Rose.

(I don't own copyrights for these photos...! I do own the interpretation though. A big Thank You to the one who originally published these photos online)

1. A Square paper.

2. Fold and unfold as shown below:

3. Fold and unfold as shown, now you get 64 blocks.

4. Diagonal fold

5. The other side, too:

6. Fold it as shown, a diagonal fold of 4 blocks.

7. Another diagonal fold:

8. Fold it at the red line, make it two sides (front and back):

9. Open it and fold another diagonal side:

10. The result is as shown:

11. Fold it diagonally, and then another time:

12. Now it's diamond shaped:

13. Fold it at the red line shown, and then to the other side (front and back):

14. As shown:

15. Open it:

16. Do you see the red square in the centre? It's very important:

17. Now push the centre square downwards and fold the two horizontal sides down:

18. Like this:

19. Fold the two sides as shown:

20. Like this:

21. Fold it backwards:

22. Alongside the line from above, fold it downwards:

23. Like the red lines shown:

24. And the other side too:

25. Voilà, a windmill:

26. It's exactly half of the length from each upper flat side to the centre square, better make it a mark with pencil and it won't affect the result at all:

27. Alongside the red line, push it downwards:

28. The down-right corner is done:

29. Now do you get it?

30. As shown:

31. The same with the other three corners, now it looks exactly like a windmill:

32. And back side is like this:

33. Fold the red line downwards:

34. As shown:

35. Alongside the red line, fold it upwards:

36. As shown:

37. Fold it to the other side as shown:

38. Overlap the left-down corner to the folding we've just made:

39. As shown, all 4 corners:

40. Fold it alongside the red line

41. Fold the point behind another, do the same with the rest 3:

42. This is a tricky and troublesome step: While the rose is in the palm of your left hand, keep pushing it gently to the centre (inwards) so that the form won't collapse, and use your right hand fold all three "pedals":

43. So the upper side looks like this:

44. Push the four pedals gently downwards:

45. Each overlap another:

46. As shown:

47. The last one under the first one:

48. Voilà:

49. The upper side as shown:

50. Gently take the 4 pedals out, so that it appears like a real rose:

51. Like this:

52. Press the pedals gently downwards:

53. Voilà...!

If you can't follow the instructions or the photos (sorry for my interpretation, due to my bad English), here're links to how-to-make-Kawasaki Rose videos:



Have fun...! :-D

(How about more challenge? Try this one, the result is here)

And then, finally some roses made by myself, for my friend Dawn's birthday, as well as for everyone who enjoy reading my blog...! :-D

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