It's been a damn decade and I still don't know her name...

I first heard of DAZE back in 10 years ago, precisely in 1999. I went to my favourite CD "shop" (it was very very tiny weeny, with a few hundred cassettes and Cd's. The shop owner is a damn good friend of my damn good cousin's so he's my friend too, though I can't say he's a "good friend", it's only because... because I didn't really visit him as often as he would like to, and by doing this, I disappointed him a lot. He didn't treat me as an ordinary customer but more like a sibling brother) on a casual weekend and bought a few cassettes (mind you, CDs were quite rare in China yet...) and the friendly shop owner gave me a cassette of DAZE as a gift, hence how I got to know them.

DAZE, a Euro Dance brand from Denmark, that type of brand that you often hear on EuroSong festival, though I didn't know how to categorize them back then, cause it's so different from Enya, Death Metal and classics, from all the genres that I knew of. And it's so cheery.

The cassette I got of them is Superhero. The cover was flashy enough: The lead vocal, a sexy attractive assertive young woman dressed in stark red Chinese cheongsam, with dyed stark blue hair, each single hair pointing to a different direction, how fancy...! And her companions, a bald guy with a sick smile, and an attractive black haired guy posing like a dark wizard, two rays of laser lights from his two hands.


There're 10 songs in total, each has a strong character, and the rhythms, oh my god oh my lord they sounded so fresh and new to my ears and I thought I was in love... There's no lyric insert so I had no idea what they're singing about, could be anything, of course, I even tried hard to figure it out as an English listening exercise, didn't work. I loved it so much that I listened to it everyday over and over again for a good 2 years, even more so than my beloved Enya. I lent the cassette to my friends and they loved it too and made copies of it. :-D

Glad to hear that my taste to music was appreciated. :-)

How happy I was, if only for discovering this lovely brand, back in ten years ago, a decade...

Back to a few weeks ago in the very chilly winter of 2009, I accidently found it on youtube, with official videos and lyrics. I recognized the familiar rhythms immediately...! Their videos are so fancy, only a pity that the vocal looks much older (time flies! Especially for beautiful women...!), but her style didn't change a single bit, I see the stark blue hair again with exaggerated facial expression, what a relief. Wat een opluchting hoor!

And for the first time, I got to understand their lyrics... Once again the word:"Fancy"...! It's both fun and imaginative, though others might think they're just some meaningless blablabla, but to me, it's much more than that, it brings me directly back to ten years ago when I was a young and fresh high school student who was considered to be a bit weird by her classmates. Even if not for this, DAZE is simply a cool brand hands down.


I always wonder what her name is, must be very unique and exotic to me cause she's from a country that's almost unknown to me, and she's that lovely and sexy, she surely deserves it...


(The End)

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