Seems every teenage girl is absolutely buzzing about the Twilight Saga New Moon.

I've watched Twilight last year on the premier day in Belgium with a friend who is a huge vampire related stories fan, I liked the movie back then, but now no more, thinking it's just a third class love story with super exciting computer effects (and some girls don't even like the computer effects), but at least, it's a sensation.

This year I don't bother to spend €9 on a movie ticket cause First, I'm financially tight. Second, I don't like love story in general, not to mention the storyline is poor and way too exaggerated.

But here the topic is not about the movie but the sensation it made and one of the related industries ---- Cosmetics.

I wouldn't think Twilight Saga has something to do with cosmetics, but somebody did and BAF! There's a makeup line...!

Had a quick glance and got disappointed though I haven't even tried any of their product so far. The price is higher than that of MAC and they only have a very small range of products. They don't even have a foundation...!!! Very unprofessional...!

Needless to say, I don't wanna buy anything from them, they only have a web shop that only ships within USA.

P.S. Essence released their Limited Edition for November and it's another proof that Twilight has made a huge and successful sensation.

A very expensive and luxurious face powder, I shall say, as an opening line.

I already own it for a while and used it a few times. I have to say, I'm rather disappointed in it... -_-

Normally I'm a low-end girl in relation to cosmetics and would never buy something so expensive... But sometimes we adore the vintage packaging, or the special smell that arises our memories from our childhood, or just the brand name, or our hormone works in a weird way, or... nothing, cause we just feel like buying something expensive and expect miracles. Well, I bought it cause I happened to have a gift card from my boyfriend as a birthday gift and I wanted to buy something special with it, to "treat myself", so after a long and tiresome research, I finally settled up with this one.

Guerlain Météorites #3 Beige Chic, 33g, RRP €47.6

Many Guerlain starters would choose #1 but I've already had it and didn't have pleasant experience with it, and initially I didn't want to buy this #3 either, but due to the good reviews on MUA I decided to give it a try... (sigh...) A very big mistake...!

It's in a very beautiful and stunning box, inspired by Marie Antoinette (by the way, she was not French but Austrian)'s jewelery box, truly vintage and elegant...!

The balls are of different sizes and colours: white pearl, yellow, light pink, beige and light brown. Impressive.

I still remember how I opened the box at home with trembling fingers, and how I sniffed at the familiar violet fragrance, so much for my excited heart and senses, yet the delight disappeared as soon as I tried it on my face...

It formed a fine cast on my face, almost translucent and with fine shimmer (I want a matte face powder, not a shimmery one!), I had the feeling that it did nothing except for brightening up my face a little bit, if I think it did much more than that, then it must have been self-suggestion. How sad.

Now I'm stuck here, I don't know what to do with it, I can't simply throw it away, I can't give it away as a gift (it being second hand), I don't wanna use it anymore... I might just put it on the dressing table, letting it remind me how stupid I was to buy something as a "blood rush to head". I'll be more careful with cosmetics and avoid of buying something for the name which I usually regret later. :-(

PROs: Beautiful box.

CONs: Very expensive. Heavily scented. Doesn't control oil.

Verdict: 3 out of 10, won't buy again.

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