1. Vaseline works actually no less than any lipbalm, if not better, it's sheer and moisturizing, and super cheap too, but not easy to apply cause it doesn't include any applicator so you have to use your finger which is not hygienic. So I still have to stick to my Labello Repair. :-P

2. Lovelace is actually a wonderful blush! I tried it only with skunk brush and it seems not very pigmented but today I tried it again with a regular blush brush and the result is amazing...! Love it! :-D

3. I always thought my skintone was warm, but today, an expert told me, that I'm actually cool toned. O_o

4. Yesterday evening, I wrote the very first poem ever in my life, inspired by Linneke who always encourages me to write something (oh and I still must finish my Reine for her!), and it's in Dutch! Ok, it's a very simple poem, cause people told me poems don't have to be complicated and, basically, even a ten-year-old can write a poem (though I doubt it would be in gibberish! Hahaha!).

The most famous Belgian poet would probably be Paul van Ostaijen, he died young at age 32. He wrote a very bizarre poem that I totally don't understand.

I followed the format of "Ruitgedicht": with a total line of 9 and total words of 25. My poem probably sounds gibberish too, but I'm still proud of it. Below is my poem:

heb gelopen
door het bos
waar ik je zocht
maar ik had geen idee
waar je zou zijn
moe was ik
slaap gevallen

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