Yesterday I got my first order from Silk Naturals and it was a big one, containing 2 foundation kits, 7 blushers and 3 eyeshadows (two of which are extras from SN company, so they're for free! YAY!). Sorry Izar, no lippies, cause I already decided to collect (almost) all their blushers and lippies, so this order is for blushers and next time will be for lippies. ^_^

So far I only tried the foundation (I finally managed to mix my foundation and it took me 1 hour...!), which is very good (maybe I should use it at least for a week to write an objective review but I can't wait...!). Later I'll write reviews about their blushers and eyeshadows, and today is for foundation.

I bought twice the kit Medium Coverage with Ebony as darker shade, not knowing if it would be suitable to my skintone, but I thought it should be ok, I normally always go for the very light shades with whichever brands cause most of the mineral foundations tend to oxidants on me, don't know why. -_- And SN foundation doesn't make an exception so I mixed an extra amount of white base in it. I didn't bother to remember how many scoops white base and darker shade, I just follow my intuition and it normally works.

The kit contains a bag of white Ivory base (1 table spoon), a bag of Ebony powder (1 table spoon), a tiny measuring scoop, an empty jar with sifter, a sample of Perfecting Powder and an instruction of how to's, tips, tricks etc.

COVERAGE: nice, but not perfect, it covers actually not so well as EDM Intensive formula (maybe I should get the Heavy Coverage kit), but it's also less chalky too. :-) It doesn't feel like "silk" on my skin at all as SN claims, simply a mineral foundation and I used the Perfecting powder in order to control oil but seems it didn't help much, at least I noticed no difference. :-S

FINISH: Matte finish with almost non detective shimmer. No dry patches or flakes (primer and/or moisturizer is needed). YAY!


PRICE: $11.95 Very affordable.

Verdict: 9 out of 10, will definitely buy again! I might place an order around Christmas, hopefully they'll have promotion by then. :-P

These little blushers are absolutely impressive...! Swatches will be for next time. :-P

The same as blushers, these eyeshadows are for next time. :-P

PS By the way, I got my order in 6 days (weekend included) all the way from USA to Belgium which is amazing...! And what makes me happier is that the Belgian Custom House didn't open it and ask for a tax. :-P

A while ago Izar and I were discussing Catrice lipsticks and I offered her two lippies of her choice, and in return I got something very nice from her too, a touch of Budapest and Silk Naturals samples that I've wanted to try, and lots more...! :-)

Aren't they amazing!? I was totally stunned...! I had a good time oohing and aahing (as Izar would say :-P) and having been looking at them with great admiration for quite some time. ^O^

I initially asked a few postcards of Budapest from her, cause I simply like Hungary (I have a special passion for cold countries such as Scandinavia and East Europe, which, namely, are Hungary and Poland). After a quick glance at the postcards, I already picked up the places that I definitely must visit if I ever have the chance to visit this dream country: The Opera House, Fisher's Bastion, Margaret Island and a shop called Philanthia...! Along with the postcards, Izar also sent me a booklet about Budapest in English (thank God). It's such an eye-opener and I can't wait to visit it...!

The SN samples are amazing...! It comes with a white base Ivory (Heavy Formula) and 4 different darker shades to suit different skintones, plus a blusher called Galaxy, they're presented in a lovely (jiffy?) bag.

When mixing the foundation (I chose Ebony which is the lightest among the dark shades), I made a typical starter's mistake: I put all the white base to all the Ebony and the foundation is too dark, and since I don't have more white base to be added, I am kinda stuck here. :-P But still I've tried a little on the back of my hand and seems the coverage is pretty good. My SN order already arrived so I can start my experienment at any time. :-P

But I don't like the blush Galaxy very much to be very honest, cause it's insanely pigmented and can't be toned down by loose powder (the Manhattan loose powder normally does a good job at toning down pigmented blushers but it failed at Galaxy) and the colour is simply too red and way too shimmery (I don't like shimmery stuff, well, a little bit is okay but it can't be too much cause it mostly accentuates my pimples...! -_-). :-S Thank God I didn't order this blush along with my order (I bought 7 blushers from them, enough to last me 2 years...!!!). :-P

And here comes the EDM blusher Theme Park and a sample of Montale "Crystal Flowers". Theme Park is also very bling bling, not so much as Galaxy though, but still, it almost reaches my limit. :-P

But the biggest surprises were her hand written letter and a butterfly she made especially for me...! ^_^ It seems to me she's specialized at making jewelery. I'll hang this lovely butterfly on my Kipling bag "Joanne" ^_^

Voilà, these are the gifts I got from lovely and sweet Izar. ^_^

By the end of the post, I'd love to thank her again, for her thoughtful surprises, for bringing me a touch of Budapest, for giving me the chance of exploring a cosmetics brand that I've been wanting to try, for a hint of luxury - the perfume, for the very personal and warm token of our friendship - the handmade butterfly. Izar, you know who you are...! :-) *hugs*

Chicane's latest single Hiding All The Stars is officially released on iTunes...! YAY! :-D

Well, it's not yet available on iTunes Belgium so currently I can't download it, but I've been listening to it over and over again and I wanna write something, to express my happiness.

After his milestone album "Behind The Sun" has released in 2000, he seldom made "Ibiza Style" trance any more, much to Chicane Fan's disappointment. -_- But Chicane never lets us down! He's experimenting various possibilities and I mostly love them too! Though I have the feeling that they're more commercial than his old albums... :-S

Anyway, we're talking about his new single Hiding All The Stars and this is a wonderful song! The vocal (I was told that the song is written for a certain female boxer and she seems to be the singer of this song too) sounds clean and innocent. The rhyme is fluent, very refreshing. Maybe it's difficult for some Chicane fans's to accept non-trance from him but I absolutely support every turn he makes...! :-D

Interested? (upon opening the link, the song will be played automatically)

Oh and there's another single that I must mention:"House Arrest". It sounds very dancy, that kind of songs that typically is played in disco... At first I didn't like it at all cause I expected a trancy song. But after listening to it for a few times, I realized that this song is actually very charming, there's only one word to describe it: sexy. It doesn't sound like a typical Chicane style song and after further search I learnt that it's a remix version of a very popular dance hit back in the late '80 and I think Chicane's version is more appealing than the original one. :-P

P.S. Izar introduced a soothing song to me: OST from the movie "The Fountain": "Together We Will Live Forever". I'm going to make another version out of it, with another instrument which gives another feeling... ^_^

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