I bought them back in 2 weeks ago and have been using them since then. Time for a review.

Lush "New" Shampoo Bar:

I think I've lost half of my hair ever since I came to Belgium, it must have something to do with my food and stress (yes stress!). At first I didn't take it seriously but recently I realized that if I didn't take action then I would be bald before I get 30...!

The first potential solution would be taking vitamins, but I was told people are easy to get addicted to it, this idea left me cold, so I thought maybe I should search a new shampoo, though I know it can't solve problems from the root but now I just wanna keep my hair hanging there a bit longer in the mean time I have time to search other solutions. :-P

One day, while shopping with my friend, I saw the shop Lush, I've never been to Lush before cause I'm not someone who is willing to change her skincare products every now and then, though I've heard of this brand before, of course, cause it's frequently discussed on MUA.

Belgium welcomed the first Lush shop since only the end of 2007 and Belgians are usually conservative and are not willing to try new things.

I told the shop assistant my hair loss problem and she immediately recommended shampoo bar "New". I've never tried any shampoo bar before cause I was a bit skeptical cause there might not be enough lather, or it might dry my scalp, or might cause irritation etc.

But I wanted to give it a try, cause I was kinda desperate and my hair was in its worst condition, so even if this shampoo bar would cause irritation, it's actually no big deal, so off I bought it, it cost 8.3 euro. I was told I could use it for 80 times, equivalent to 3 bottles of 250ml shampoo...! :-O

I was stunned.

I've been using it twice per week for 2 weeks only and I noticed the change already, and the biggest benefit is actually not preventing from hair falling (though it helps at that point too) but making my hair super soft and smooth, and it holds oil longer at bay (my hair is super oil) for at least 3 days and no shampoo could ever achieve that. What a miracle...! It doesn't dry out or irritate my scalp at all, and it produces tons of lather, easy to use indeed, all my worries are for nothing! :-D And the very strong cinnamon scent helps me to relax, but if you don't like cinnamon scent, stay away. :-P

All in all, excellent product at a reasonable price. 9 out of 10!

I'm going to buy another Lush shampoo bar to give my hair the extra shine and I'm curious what the shop assistant would recommend me this time.

(Doesn't it look like rice cracker? :-P)

Essence Pocket Beauty Brush:

I wanted a small powder brush that can fit my makeup bag so that I can carry it everywhere and touch up anytime but most brushes available on the market are simply too big, I was so upset until I found this baby and bought it without hesitation. €3.05

It's very small and cute, it measures (when cap closed) only9.5cm from head to toe and fits in any makeup bag. The bristles measure around 3.5cm.

The highlight is, it has a very clever system: it's a retractable brush (see photos below)! You can twist the bristles in when it's not in use and it's protected from dirt. How convenient! :-D

Is it perfect? No. I find the bristles actually a bit stiff but still, I would continue using it and I'm grateful that Essence has such a considerate brush. :-)

PS I've just placed a big order by Silk Naturals and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive...! :-D



Foundation: A mix of EDM "Perfect" in Intensive and Essence Mineral Makeup #2
Blush: Catrice mineral blusher "Wild Rose"
Eyeshadow: Essence September LE "Coffee Cream"
Lipgloss: Pout "Squeeze My Melons"

I'm a blush collector and have many blushes, but some of them are not pigmented enough to show up on my face which is frustrating, but recently I found a new way to apply those unpigmented blushers. :-D

What did I do? I ground them into fine powder...!!! Sounds really crazy but it really works! But how did I discovered this idea?

Still remember my Laura Geller blush Roseberry? I ordered it off eBay and when it arrived it was partly broken, so I gathered the broken parts and ground them into very fine powder and found the colour a bit too pigmented, even with a skunk brush and a light hand, it's not easy to control how much you apply on your cheeks so I didn't use it very often. But a few days ago I tried the blush on the pan and it's not that pigmented than the powder form, it gives just the right amount powder and the chance of overdo reduces dramatically, and I thought, hey, why not do the same with those unpigmented blushers? At first I was not sure if it would work so I tried to dig out a little product from Alverde blush Apricot and ground it into powder, and to my surprise, it really did work, so I immediately ground the whole blush into powder and voilà, a newborn, or rather reborn blush, and the colour seems to be prettier than before, it changed from brick red to light peachy orange...! Magic! :-D

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