I've passed Manhattan's counter thousand times in Kruidvat, but it didn't really draw my attention until last Friday, I suddenly remember I came across some reviews (www.ciao.de) of their loose powder a while ago and they were mostly positive, so I thought maybe I should give it a try, though I already have way too much powder.

I've never tried any of their product before.

It's called Minerals Pure Mat Loose Powder and has two shades, one is slight pink (#3) and the other is beige(#2). I bought it in #2, which is a very slight beige, almost ivory colour powder. 15g. The slight pink one looks beautiful too, pale skinned girls can even use it as a blush I think. I don't know yet how I should use it but I want to try it too...! ^_^

Ok, back to the powder I bought. It's in a lovely round plastic container with a black lid. There's something on the ingredient list that caught my eyes: Sapphire Powder. It's said that it protects the skin and is suitable for all skin types

So far, I've only used Pout Loose Powder and Guerlain Météorites in #3. I can only compare the Manhattan one with Pout one, cause the one from Guerlain is in a different form and different colours, though all of them are loose powder.

The Pout one is 17g, the RRP was around £20. It's light yellow beige but on the face it's almost transparent, the problem is it's a bit too chalky and doesn't do much in term of oil control but still I thought it's a minor problem and have been using it faithfully for almost 2 years, never thinking of trying another brand, cause Pout is my HG brand in general, but it doesn't mean all of their products are that great. I only realized that a while ago.

And the one from Manhattan actually does a better job than Pout: it holds oil longer at the bay, and looks more natural and less chalky. It has a hint smell too being vanilla. There's only one problem: the sponge, I tried it once and immediately threw it away. Sorry Manhattan, but your sponge is really not good. Actually Pout and Guerlain don't provide good quality sponges either and since I always apply loose powder with a brush, so it's not a problem.

Price: €6.85

PROs: Controls Oil, Cheap, Good colour Match, Doesn't feel chalky.

CONs: Poor Quality Sponge.

Verdict: 9 out of 10. Will buy again!

Now I wanna try their lipsticks too, they're mostly in bright colours, too bright to my liking, but I've found some good ones on their website and would buy some in the near future! :-D

Actually not only lipsticks, they have a lot of interesting things, which, one of them is the Liquid Blush that has sadly been discontinued (BeneTint is just way too expensive...! Almost 30 USD for a little bottle of 12.5ml!? It's day light robbery!), but I found it available on a Chinese auction site and will be getting a bottle of mine soon, Joeri is going to China in November and I should not miss the chance. Maybe I should already start making a shopping list for myself, as well as for Joeri, poor him, he'll be carrying way too many things for me all the way from China to Belgium, only to satisfy my passion for cosmetics. :-P

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