I always thought China had no cosmetics companies, at least no good ones, but seems I was wrong.

I came across this brand, Xie Fu Chun (typically a girl's name), when browsing a Chinese auction website (more or less the Chinese eBay). The packaging was of course the first thing that caught my attention, after an intensive search, I learnt that this company was founded in 1830 and their products were used exclusively by the royal family back in more than 100 years ago...!!! Just fancy...! How cool it would be if you could get that touch of luxury, and knowing that 100 years ago the Chinese princesses were using exactly the same products as you do now!?!?!? WOW!

Sounds like a dream...

I found some reviews of their products and they're almost all very positive, which means I should also try to get them. I don't have to wait for long, cause Joeri will be on a trip to China and I'll ask him to bring back some...! :-D

Their most famous products are/were "Duck Egg Powder (literally translated)" (!!!), cabardine oil (which they don't produce anymore, pity -_-), fragrant bag (sorry for my poor translation -_-). They all belong to the "Vintage series" category. Nowadays they also developed a "Modern series" cosmetics range, together with skincare products based on modern technology, but now I'm focused on their "Vintage series".

Now, photo time: :-D

The first and utmost is of course the "Duck Egg Powder". When I was small, I wondered if it was actually made from duck egg, and of course it's not so, it's just housed in a duck egg shaped (i.e. oval) sturdy cardboard paper box and the colour slightly resembles to duck egg, being purely white or slightly blue due to the light. Xie Fu Chun is generous to make it 50g while the price is around €8, rather decent (it seems they have 2 kinds of packagings for the same product: one simple and one luxurious, and the prices vary a lot, from €3 to €8, so the €8 is the luxurious ones, which are my targets. ^_^ The €5 difference is entirely for the packaging). According to the reviews I found online, the quality is quite good too, and how can we forget the vintage packaging...? It's just such an eye candy and would look absolutely lovely on the dressing table...! :-D

Don't be put off by the extremely pale powder, it won't form a white mask on your face (but still, I think it's only suitable for fair skinned girls), it goes on sheer and smooth, and holds the oil on your T-zone at bay, it evens out your skin tone but doesn't provide coverage, it's up to the standard of a loose powder, but I'm not sure if I should use it as a loose powder or compact powder, and this is not mentioned on their website, it sure looks like a compact powder. :-S

There're four fragrances to choose from: jasmine, rose, gardenia and osmanthus (i.e. "sweet olive" but it has nothing to do with olive, it's totally another kind of plant) and the packagings are different too, but the content is the same.

Traditionally, in the ancient time, almost all the Chinese women, however young or old, rich or poor, used "Duck Egg Powder" (different brands though, all powders were basically called "Duck Egg Powder") as a part of basic makeup routine.

As far as I know, they didn't change the formula, which is nice, though technology is improved.

Hair oil: Yes they produce hair oil too, traditionally, Chinese women were after the shiny black healthy looking hair thus they used hair oil to keep their hair in good condition, which was also mentioned in the classic Chinese literature.

Blush: Yay this is gonna be my favourite part, but strange enough, they only have one shade to choose from, and it's exactly the shade that I would avoid: bubblegum pink...! -_-

But once again, the packaging is striking : it's in a lovely little porcelain pot decorated with peony patterns produced in Jingde county, which is famous for producing the best quality porcelain, which is already something to look forward to, if not for the blush itself. By the way, it's a cream blush, 5g. Around €4.

This is their powder blush, 20g for around €10. The shade is somehow different than the cream blush and they have no numbers/names indicated. :-/

Lipbalm: They only have one lipbalm, as far as I know, the texture is a bit too thick for most girls. I don't think I'm going to get it. It's 5g, around €5.

Their shop as of today:

To be honest, though they're called The First Chinese Cosmetics Brand, I don't think their products are professional: they have only one blush shade to choose from, one eyeshadow too (golden brown), but I still find their Duck Powder interesting and would very much to give it a try. :-D

So what do you think? Let Fan know! :-D

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