So this is the review of Alverde Tagesfluid (I still don't know what it really means, surprisingly, there're Hungarian, Czetch and Croatian translations) & blush ("Flamingo") and Essence September Limited Edition eyeshadows Wildberry Sorbet, Chocolate Shake and Toffee Cream (just bought it on last Friday).

My favourite type of makeup is mineral makeup, hands down no doubt, but for a while I drifted away from it cause I behold obvious blotches after having applied mineral makeup and it sometimes causes me dry patches, partly because I don't primer, but I do use moisturizer which is Oshadhi Aloe Lavender Lotion (€17 for 100ml), it doesn't help with dry patches and blotches, I was using it for soothing pores and it's super moisturizing, blended with lavender essential oil but not greasy and oil at all on your face, all in all, it's an excellent moisturizer and lives up to its claims, but I need something to solve the blotches and dry patches problem, and now, this problem easily is solved by Alverde Tagesfluid. Miracle in a bottle, yet so cheap.

I don't understand German, but basically, I think it's a moisturizer, it doesn't matter how it's supposed to be used, I just use it as a moisturizer and primer, it's not liquid-like, it's more like a gel, white, no obvious scent and feels comfortable and easy to blend, followed by mineral makeup and I CLEARLY see the differences, there're simply no dry patches nor blotches. Only a lovely made up face. It stays put for 4 hours and then I need to touch up, which is not a problem cause I always take powder and brush with me. :-D

PROs: Not greasy. No residue. Cheap ( any Oshadhi moisturizer is at least 3 times the price of Alverde Tagesfluid). Easy to blend. Gives a nice preparation for makeup. No breakouts.

CONs: Doesn't control oil (which I don't expect either, so I'm not disappointed).

Verdict: 9.5 out of 10, will buy again! I might even replace Oshadhi moisturizer with it.

Price: €3.25 for 50ml

A big THANK YOU to Izar, without her, I wouldn't have discovered this gem...! I couldn't find the Goji products that Izar recommended though, what a pity... :-(

Alverde blush "Flamingo"

It's stark bright red/pink, at first I was a bit frightened but in the meantime was also charmed by the colour, although it's actually nothing special. I remembered my two other Alverde blushers, their pigmentation is rather poor, I hoped this one isn't, cause it looks scarily bright. And well, as soon as I was home I tried it on, the pigmentation is actually not that crazy as I thought. I use a regular blush brush to apply it, as long as I remember to tap off the exceed powder, I won't be like a clown.

PROs: Beautiful colour. Cheap. Doesn't accentuate pimples.

CONs: Eh...?

Verdict: 8 out of 10, but I probably won't buy it again, considering how many blushes I have... :-P

Price: €2.95

Essence September Limited Edition Eyeshadows:

Chocolate Shake:

This is a silver grey colour, not too dark nor too light, just the right colour for me with the right amount of shimmer, it's much more beautiful in reality than on the photo. A real Must-Have...!

Wild berry Sorbet:

This is the one I love the most out of the 3, it's such a beautiful plum colour, with fine shimmer that's hardly noticeable, it can create a smoky look or a laid back look, truly a versatile colour, and elegant too...!!!

Coffee Cream:

This is an everyday colour that can be used on the whole eyelid, when I tried it on the back of my hand in the shop, it was rather light, I feared it might not show up on my eyes, but it does!

I can't believe that I could be so clumsy!! On the second day that I bought it, I accidently dropped it on the flour and of course this baby is broken. :-(

PROs: Great colours. Non creasing. Easy to blend.

CONs: None (not that I know of, at least)...!

Verdict: All 3 of them are very nice! I wish they were permanent products. :-(

Price: €1,99

What do you think...? Let Fan know...! :-D

P.S. By the way, Oshadhi is a very good German brand that only produces 100% organic products, they select the finest ingredients and follow strict procedure to pursue their goals, they have a large selection of Aroma oils and provide a few hundreds (!!!) kinds of aroma oils in different contents.

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