In order to celebrate Joeri's birthday, I went to Aachen on last Friday (he happened to drive the train to Aachen on that day and had a sleepover there) and had a shopping day (actually only 2 hours, but it's already more than enough) on Saturday.

After I arrived in Aachen and met up with Joeri, we first had a pop-up in DM store, merely 10 minutes. I wanted to buy the moisturizer that Izar had mentioned on her blog, and then Joeri reminded me that I had enough moisturizer to last me 2 years so I didn't buy it, though it looked good and the price is low-budget friendly.

Eventually, I left the shop empty handed and went to the restaurant...

It's an exotic Thai restaurant not far from Aachen Station. Joeri has been to here many times so he's kind of a regular customer. I've also been to here at last 5 times. Their service and tasty food makes us come back for more. I ordered lamb with green curry, which reminds me of hot pot in Beijing. :-P

After dinner, we went to the hotel, it's not in the downtown area, it's located in a quiet neighborhood. We were bathed in starlight. walking hand in hand on the narrow pavement, I suddenly had a strange déjà vu feeling, as if I had been to here long ago, and the smell of fresh air was familiar too.

The hotel, Rosenpark Laurensberg is an ideal place to lodge, there's no shopping centre and noisy schools around, only a small super market, and yet not far from downtown area. The room is clean and well furnitured, the soft bed ensures a good rest. Of course, you pay €80 per night per person, hence why everything is satisfying.

On the second day I was alone, Joeri got up early to work and I took the bus to the shopping street and was wandering around. You bet I would visit DM again cause I thought I'd better buy the moisturizer that Izar recommended, eventually I bought it, together with an Alverde blush called Flamingo. I'll write a detailed review about them.

One thing that I like German cosmetics companies is that they have a fair "global price program", I mean, as far as I know, Catrice and Essence in Germany have the same prices as they're in Belgium. Well, maybe some items are slightly more expensive in Belgium but it's within a reasonable range, let's say, 10 cents, which doesn't hurt at all. And many international known cosmetics brands have crazy prices in Belgium or Germany, so crazy that I can't afford, such as MAC, a #109 brush costs £20 (equivalent to €22) in the UK whereas it's €32 in Belgium!?!?!? (#187 brush costs £29 in the UK and €49 in Germany!?!?!?) Plus, I don't think the MAC items that I've tried deliver excellent quality. I had a few MAC blushes and 2 brushes, I bought them at the local MAC boutique, not on eBay. I expected good result but only got disappointment. In the next week I already swapped them away on MUA. I also had Ultra Mat foundation from Dior, and after having tried it, I had the feeling that I just bought a bottle of tinted water...! What a rip off! Well, if you're curious about the foundation or if you're planning on buying it, see the review here.

P.S. Before going to Aachen, I purchased 2 eyeshadows from Essence's September 2009 limited edition Creamylicious in Kruidvat. The colours are so tempting and I have been wanting a plum colour eyeshadow, cause a lot of colours actually don't suit me, such as blue, green, yellow, black etc. I'm currently using Catrice High Pearl Loose Powder Eyeshadow, it's silver grey and I'm satisfied with it, but it's been discontinued so I have to search another one for daily wear. I'm glad to have found Creamylicious eyeshadow Wild Berry Sorbet, the plum colour one, unfortunately it's only a limited edition but well, maybe by the time when I use it up I already find something that I like.

The colour I bought are Wild Berry Sorbet (plum colour) and Chocolate Shake (grey with fine shimmer). At first I only wanted Wild Berry Sorbet, which was love at first sight, but Kruidvat had promotion if you buy any 2 products from Essence, so the choice was easily made. :-P

So far, I only tried Wild Berry Sorbet. It's plum coloured, with fine shimmer (hardly noticeable), super creamy and easy to apply, stays put for a good 6 hours (I used eye primer prior applying this eyeshadow). I'll write a review soon.

I'm now thinking of getting the light brown one too, if Kruidvat still carries it. Fingers crossed...! :-P

P.S. I didn't get the lovely baked bronzer cause I never use bronzer, of course I can use it as a blusher but then it would be way too shimmery... -_-

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