1. Chicken wings 1kg
  2. Coke 800ml
  3. Oil 25ml
  4. Soya Sauce 80ml (Can be found in China Town)
  5. Sugar 30g
  6. Salt 5g
  7. Ginger slices 20g
  8. Onion 20g
  9. Cooking wine 10ml (Can be found in China Town)
The 4 most important ingredients:

1. Wash the chicken wings thoroughly, cut twice on each wings so that the sauce that later I'll mention can be absorbed by the wings easily. Shortly boil them in hot water for 10 minutes on high fire.

2. Mix soya sauce, 5ml cooking wine and salt as sauce and mix with the wings. Leave them there for 20 minutes so that the sauce gets absorbed. 3. Put the oil in pre-warmed tepid wok, wait for a few seconds and then put the sugar in, keep the fire low, continuously stir it until the sugar becomes dark brown-red (sugar is easy to get burnt), add the wings and continue stir until it becomes gold colour, add coke, salt, soya sauce, onion, gember, turn the fire high (maximum) until it starts boiling, turn the fire low, put the wok cover on until the coke is absorbed. Voilà...!

This is a perfect example of tasty Chinese cuisine, yet easy to cook too. ^_^

(This blog entry is for Izar)

I received Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream 3 weeks ago, which I purchased on eBay Korea. I've been using it for 3 weeks daily. So now it's time to write something...

It comes with a nice beige squeezy tube, 40ml with SPF40 PA++. I chose shade #1.

Except for the product name, everything is in Korean so I have no idea what they're saying. :-P

I've gone through a lot of research over BB cream before I made this purchase, and surprisingly, I chose a brand that's not so known overseas, because:

1. Their package is nice.
2. It's not expensive. :-P
3. I saw good reviews on their official website, written in Korean (I managed to translate the reviews using online translator. Hahaha!).
4. I like their concept, products being made from pure nature ingredients, not too much chemistry.

So I guess I have enough reasons and finally clicked "Buy Now" on this item, from a lovely eBay Korean seller (I got many thoughtful samples from him! ^_^).

When I first opened it, I noticed the smell immediately, it smells like herbal shampoo. A good first impression. :-) And I tried it on the back of my hand, oh gosh! What!?!?!? It's DULL GREY!??? But I was brave enough to try it on my face, so, read on, here comes the interesting part!

I was told most BB creams are very thick, hard to blend. But not this one! It's relatively runny and watery, easy to blend, when I was applying it, I noticed the obvious colour difference, as I said, it's grey, and my skin tone is around NC25, I certainly don't want a grey mask. But after it sets, merely 3 minutes, it blends into my own skin tone perfectly forming such a natural look!!! Can you believe it!?

The coverage is actually not very good, at least not so good as my mineral foundation. I would say it's sheer to medium (well I just have too many pimples to cover up and most liquid foundations fail at this point). But this BB Cream is far more natural-looking than mineral makeup. It doesn't leave a mask. With mineral makeup I normally can achieve a nearly-flawless look (on the days when my skin condition is better) when standing 30cm away from the mirror but close up it looks like a mask. Well the Innisfree BB Cream doesn't provide enough coverage therefore it's not flawless, and since I don't use concealer, you can see the pimples, though not that obvious of course, but it looks far more natural than mineral makeup and has an effect of minimizing the pores! :-D

Something else that I noticed with this BB cream is, it looks best after having been applied for 2 or 3 hours (so, not right after you've applied it) and will continue and last 5 hours and then it'll gradually melt.

And by the way, it didn't break me out (I think it's even improving my skin condition). A big plus! :-D

As I said, the coverage is not very good hence why you still see my pimples, but trust me, it's far more natural looking than any mineral makeup that I've used. Korean females are after that "nude look" and that's exactly what BB creams claim to proform so if it has the mask effect then it's no more than an ordinary foundation.

What I have used in this look:

Makeup base: Innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream #1
Blush: Catrice "Wild Rose"
Loose Powder: Pout Translucent Loose Powder
Eyeshadow: Catrice High Pearl #50
Eyeliner: Catrice Stay On "Midnight Blue"
Lip: Catrice Lipstick "Indian Brown" (It's such a beautiful colour and super moistrurizing, not long lasting unfortunately -_-)

I don't have good skin, I'm suffered from acne and pimples, but like other girls, I'm dreaming of having flawless skin, and here, now, I'm brave enough to post a photo of my bare face -- no makeup whatsoever -- only to show you how good this BB cream is, of course it's not perfect, but I'm sure after seeing the Before After photo, you will have a general idea of it. And without the Before After photos, this post is pointless.

(Sorry, the Before Photo is not accessable to just everyone, anyone who's interested in seeing it, please feel free to ask ^_^)

Here's the After Photo:

PROs: Cheap. Natural-looking finish. Pore minimizing effect. Natural ingredients. Smells nice.

CONs: Not enough coverage for me.

Verdict: 9 out of 10. Will definitely buy again! :-D

What do you think of Innisfree BB Cream? Have you used it? Let Fan know! :-D

PS Dear readers, have a look at my new ring which I purchased at Kruidvat (Kruidvat is my paradise! It has a large selection of cosmetics brands! Essence, Catrice, Nivea, Bourjois, Gosh, 2true, Maybelline, Manhathan, Max Factor, and much much more!), it's in light lilac and dark purple, though you don't see the colour difference in the photos, it's very stylish, now try to guess the price...! :-D

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