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Today is absolutely a milestone day to me in term of violin:

My teacher finally decided to teach me vibrato! :-D

I've been learning violin for 8 years, but strictly speaking, it's only 3 years. I've been working hard on it and wondering when I could learn vibrato, but since my teacher didn't mention it, so I didn't dare to ask either. And finally, on the first lesson of this school year, finally he told me that he decided to teach me vibrato cause in the past few years my skill has been improved a lot...!!! :-D

He explained me some basic movements and asked me to practise them at home and then I'm to show him next week, I'm already excited to practise even the most basic things...!!! Hahaha!

I was still pretty sad when Catrice discontinued my favourite High Pearl eyeshadows but this sadness vaporized as soon as I discovered what they have released just since TODAY...!!! :-D

Lipstick part:

They discontinued some uninteresting colours and released a few new shades, which, one of the names is Dark Roseberry. I tried it on the back of my hand and immediately fell in love...! Why? It resembles to my beloved Catrice Indian Brown and Pout Darling Heart, only a bit darker and redder than Indian Brown (which, by the way, has a hint of orange tone). It's already on my wishlist. :-)

Another one, named Soft Coral, is pretty too! Do you know YSL FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR #144 Silky Apricot? Voilà. The two are very similar, colour-wise! Only Soft Coral is lighter, and might not be that thick as Silky Apricot. I'll definitely buy it when Catrice has promotion, should be very soon. :-)

Lipgloss part:

The new shades are moderate, not dramatic, translucent or mild pink, except for maybe one, being diamond-like sparkling dark red, very striking colour. I'm not sure if I wanna try this one, maybe when Catrice has promotion again and when I use my stock up, which won't be in the near future. :-P Oh by the way, they improved the applicator too, it's longer and narrower, good! :-)

Eyeshadow part:

I didn't pay much attention to their new eyeshadows cause I've determined not to buy any until I use my stock up. They released two violet shades, one darker and one lighter, they look good. The light one looks even lighter when applied on my hand, you might say the pigmentation is not very good, but for me it's a bless. :-)

All the new shades are nowhere mentioned on their official website yet so I guess I'm just a pioneer to have already discovered them. Of course if Catrice released them in summer vacation they would have already drawn more attention from the teenage girls of course. :-P

What do you think of them? Let Fan know! :-D

This is the look that I like, natural and clean, only this time I applied my blush a bit heavy handed so that my readers can see it better. ^_^

Foundation: A mixture of EDM Fairly Light in Intensive, Catrice Mineral makeup #1 and Essence Mineral makeup #2.

Blush: Laura Geller Roseberry

Lips: Essence lipgloss Big Night Out

Eyeshadow: Catrice High Pearl Eyeshadow Powder #50 Sophisticated Brown

Eyeliner: Catrice Stay On #30 Smokey Silver (I'm an absolute newbie for eyemakeup, I always make it messy, I only bought my first eyeshadow since last year, eyeliner this month)

What remarkable is, except for the blush, all the beauty item here used in this look are under €5. :-D

What do you think of it? Let Fan know! :-D

I'll categorize them per brand:


When I opened the cap, the first thing that caught my attention was the smell: very creamy and yummy smell, sweet and seductive, kind of wild berry, and doesn't feel artifical at all, by which I was delightfully surprised...! And the colour is just great! What I have are"Big Night Out", "Wild thing", "Rendez-Vous", and "Big Night Out", the colour, as well as the smell, assembles to wild berry, it's kind of dark plum, very sexy, and when applied on lips, it's actually not that frighteningly dark, and is truly XXL Shine, as the name suggests, in the meantime also moisturizing(contains vitamine E), not sticky and itchy at all, it feels like velvety smooth. I'm very happy about the applicator tip too, it's soft and flexible, won't scratch you ladies' delicate lips. How about the staying power? Being lipgloss it's bound to have less staying power than lipsticks but it's not a problem at all. On me it's 3-4 hours if I don't drink or eat. I also like to use it as a coating over my matte-finish lipsticks which gives a lovely shine yet I have the staying power. And the price? Here in Belgium it's 1,79 Euro, which makes it a real winner among all those cheap ranged lipglosses.

PROs: Lovely and girly packaging. Smells tasty (fresh wild berry, not artifical). Dirt cheap. Good colour collection. Feels comfortable on lips. Relatively long lasting (if you want a ton of staying power you should stay with lipsticks). Beautiful sheen.

CONs: Eh?

Sorry, didn't apply it very well... v_v


Another fantastic brand which I love (I'm indeed a low-end cosmetics girl). They provide classic and elegant packaged products that are totally wearable at an utterly affordable price.

Their lipglosses I own are Vanilla Cream and Creamy Toffee. 8ml. Price: €2.85

I was not a fan of lipglosses cause they're sticky and smell weird, and the motivation of buying Vanilla Cream was it reminds me of my beloved Pout Vanilla Cream foundation.

The colour is hard to describe, it's, hmm, pink with yellow undertone, but on the lips I don't see pink, only glossy shine.

PROs: Cheap. Smell nice. Glossy shine.

CONs: Not very long lasting. Not true colour ("what you see in the tube is not what you get on your lips").

Verdict: Highly recommended for lipgloss freakies. I myself would definitely buy them again.

Creamy Toffee: It's a tad darker than Vanilla Cream with a hint of brown and is a natural and almost nude ("nade" according to my own definition) shade to me. It's a safe shade that can be worn on almost all occations. I reach it more and more and really love it.

You don't see much difference on the photo (I'm completely a newbie in taking photographs) cause it's subtle. Vanilla Cream is light yellow based and Creamy Toffee is light brown based.

Shiseido (I'm a low end girl in relation to cosmetics, but I happen to own a Shiseido lipgloss, which is very exceptional):

The shade is G26 Peach Melba, 5ml. This is a lovely pink colour, not bubble-gum pink or dolly pink though. It can be safely worn by elder ladies. Fresh peppermint smell.

The price is not cheap, €23.6 RRP in Belgium.

Estée Lauder:

Fortunately it's given to me as a gift otherwise I would have felt being robbed. It's 10ml, €15.6 RRP in Belgium. The price is a lot cheaper than that of Shiseido, but... The 2 EL lipglosses I have simply do nothing for me. The colours are Granny Apple (light apple green/yello) and Blackberry (mysterious purple). They're both transparent on my lips, no moisturizing effect, only water shine, and it doesn't feel comfortable, being sticky and even a bit scratchy. Gosh, for the price I certainly won't purchase it again. The smell is fruity, the applicator is unique and provides precise application and packaging is stylish by the way.

Pout: I keep Pout for the last place, yet in my heart it's always the best! I'll specially feature some products of Pout in the future as a memoir, a collection and a tribute to Pout, which has been discontinued in the end of 2007. :-(

Pout is famous for their LipPlump lipglosses, Radiant Full Coverage Foundation and blushers (ever heard of Apricot Totty? Highly sought after in all major beauty forums as well as on eBay). What I have in term of lipgloss is only a simple one and the shade is Squeeze My Melons.

I don't detect any unpleasant smell yet it does have a hint of smell. It comes with a squeezy clear tube decorated with fishnet (fishnet and lacy pattern are the signatures of Pout by the way), 12ml. In the tube it's dark red and yet in the lips it's lively youthful red (pity that it's invisible on photo -_-).

PROs: Lovely (!!!) packaging. Nice texture.

CONs: Price (around £12). Being discontinued.


I didn't upload swatch of Estée Lauder lipglosses cause they're transparent.

Voilà, this is my whole collection of lipglosses, it's really not big and I'm not going to expand it in the near future cause I'm satisfied with Catrice and Essence lipglosses. :-P

What do you think of them? Let Fan know! :-D

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