So my Illamasqua order has arrived and I immediately tried it out as soon as I got it, but I only got disappointment...

I've only ordered a foundation called Rich Foundation 135 (NC20-25), it claims that it provides maximum coverage while still looks natural and lasts all day long, the advertizement is quite promising, and since I have quite a few pimples to cover, I thought, why not? Let's give this foundation a try, though it's not cheap, £20.

In order to play safe, I don't wanna order a bulk worth €€€ only to discover that I don't like any of them... And moreover, I do need a good foundation. I've been using mineral foundation since last summer, I tried various brands, overall I'm satisfied with them (especially EDM, Catrice and Essence), but none of them is 100% perfect, so I'm still hoping that I could find a perfect foundation in the traditional range: liquid foundation (or creme foundation).

Prior applying this foundation, I first applied Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid and Oshadhi Aloe Vera Lavender Moisturizer (both of which are my absolute staple! :-D) and I didn't use any other products (no concealer, no lipbalm, no blush, no highlighter etc.)

Ok, back to this Illamasqua foundation, what's wrong with it? First, it's a bit too light for me, and second, it just sits there leaving a greasy painting mask...!!! The texture is completely wrong, very thick and hard to blend...!!! I tried with my fingers and Pout AirBrush skunk brush and no way, the result is always the same: ghastly pale and greasy looking mask, and it makes my pimples appear bigger! But apparently, some people do like it and say that it's a HG (Holy Grail) to them, well, maybe I just don't have the luck...

Don't know if the foundation is long lasting cause I rinsed the foundation off after merely 10 minutes. Can't comment on the breakout thing either, but normally I would stay away if a liquid foundation claims to provide full coverage.

The only thing good about the foundation is the smell (faint sweet vanilla) and the gothic packaging. So much for my £20. Sigh...

PROs: Nice packaging. Nice scent. Very good coverage. Nice shade range (from ghastly pale to deep black). A little goes a long way.

CONs: Price. Texture (in my case, hard to blend and cakey). Suitable for NC (yellow undertone) but not for NW (pink undertone). Very difficult to remove.

Verdict: 3 out of 10. Won't buy it again. But I'd like to try their blushes. :-P

Any question? Suggestion? Advice? Let Fan know! :-D

PS The ratings of this foundation on MUA drops from 100% positive to 66% (as of today, 18/08/09) and the reviews are very extreme, either very good or very bad, so if you're interested in this foundation, don't care too much about what other say, just give it a try. :-)

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