Hi hi dear readers!

Sorry for being silent so long, gosh I was just not in the mood to write something, my apologises.

So, I'm going to share with you guys a fantastic cosmetics brand, my new love:

It originated in the UK since only last year and their style is gothic and dark, the whole concept is just brand new and will be a revolution in the cosmetics world. Their motto is: Illamasqua is your alter ego. People say it'll be a competitor for MAC and I sincerely hope so, only the price is even more expensive than MAC. O_o

Sounds tempting hé?

Click here to find out their makeup tutorial "Ingénue", isn't the background amazing and the model gorgeous? When the makeup artist Alex Box was applying blush onto her cheeks she smiled faintly and oh gosh! How seductive and beautiful...!?

Click here to find out their makeup tutorial "Siren"(don't know if it's a limited edition), the model is gorgeous too! And I really like her nails, super artistic!

I personally prefer Ingéunue cause it's more retro and elegant. Perfect for an upper class evening party. Siren is good too but a bit too dramatic to my liking.

I've just ordered their Rich Foundation (it says that it provides full coverage while still looks natural and long lasting too) on their website and it should arrive one of these days and then I'll certainly write a review to share my feeling with you guys! ^_^

Be bold, be daring, be Illamasqua...!

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