I heard of Susan Boyle since April from an article from a Chinese forum, in the article Boyle was described as a worldwide sensation, she being a jobless church volunteer, who enjoyed singing a lot, and wanted to realise her dream of showing her talent to people, entered Britain's Got Talent, with her appearance unpolished and her somehow 'odd behaviour'.

She arose my curiosity and I decided to check her videos out on youtube.com

I have no doubt of her singing ability, she sure has a lovely voice and, in my humble opinion, is even up to professional standard, but alas, she didn't win, but maybe it's good for her this way. And the final winner Diversity, is no more than a wanabe (ABBA impersonator maybe?), there're tons of such groups worldwide, but well, they were appealing to audiences and judges, apparently, hence why they won.

Susan was built up by the media and was dropped down bitterly. And people like to see other's fall, the cruel nature of human being.

I once read the article written by Ian Dunt the journalist, "What Susan Boyle says about the UK", in which he pointed out "She (Susan Boyle) was, for all to see, just another victim of the celebrity machine. It sucks them in, uses them, and then spits them out: used and worthless." How true...!!!

Some people think it's Susan to blame, and their reason is: "If you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen.". It sounds reasonable, but this is, however, not Susan's case.

Throughout the whole event, Susan has done nothing wrong. Is it wrong that you got talent and that you wanna show it to everyone through an influential platform? No.

If you have a sense of diversity, a sense of understanding, then you should well understand that everyone grows up differently and has their own point of view towards everything and that when you're planning something or are about to do something, you simply cannot forsee what will happen along the way -- in both positive and negative sides. There's many a slip twixt cup and lip. Some people might say, in Susan's case, it's easy to predict that after she has gained an enormous fame, she's no way to escape dealing with enormous pressure and massive media, but Susan, being someone who has led a simple life all through her life, being a naive countryside peasant (no offence intended!), she has no experience dealing with media, she didn't even know how media works, how could she ever predict that she would be a victim of media and end up in clinique due to the overwhelming pressure that the media have given to her...? Maybe she didn't know how to handle fame and media appropriately, but is it her fault? Of course not...! You cannot blame the others for some abilities / capacities you have while the others don't, that would be simply selfish.

Media is surely to blame, and who else? Maybe it's us people. We're obssessed by celebrities these days, celebrities' personal lives takes equally the same space as airlines missing or Iraq War in the newspaper and it's absolutely not right! Why should we care if a famous person has a love affair out of his marriage? What does it bring to us if we knew all these? Why should we worship them and spend money on magazines revealing their (usually nasty) personal lives? Why are people into gossip so much? The ill nature of human being...! We've lost our manners and civilization and we're not born to be civilized, it has to be learnt. When someone has gained fame, does it mean that media can spit vicious words to him and that he's a part of their sinister game?And why should people blame Susan for what the media have done? Jolly unfair!

I sincerely hope Susan will recover soon and that she will find another platform to perform for smaller group of people, for those who really appreciate her talent and not just criticize her appearance.

I've done my public violin exam beautifully in the concert hall of Antwerpen Muziek Academie with approximately 30 audiences watching including the judges, one of whom was accidently the uncle of my boyfriend, the director. Strangely enough, I was not nervous, my hands were not sweating. I was incredibly calm, for the first time in my life standing on the stage, only my lips were dry.

The atmosphere was pretty casual, it was a sunny afternoon, on the late side being 5pm, the sun was going down. The sunshine shone through the curtains with sparkling golden hue.

One thing I don't understand is why we had to play 4 pieces, but fine. I got away with it alright. I guess I played too fast, and as a result, I missed some notes, and my fingers were a bit stiff. Hardly did I finish the first piece, someone already began applause. :-P

Except for one piece, the rest 3 were rather childish (No wonder! I'm considered to be a beginner while I actually am not) which appealed the little ones. They were cheered! 

The most impressive one was not me of course (which had to be expected), it was Anna, she played Souvenir de Buenos Aires beautifully...! Lore also did a fine job. 

My final score was 90, which is really not bad at all. 

I've been curious of how clever or how stupid I was for 10 years and now I finally have an idea thanks to www.iqtest.dk.

I've been a bit self-contemptuous for the past few years, I thought I was weird, stupid and unpopular (unpopular yes, weird in a positive way which I'm proud of, stupid? Maybe my physics results...)

It's all in a sudden that I decided to search an authoritative website where I could do an IQ test and the result had to be as accurate as possible.

And I found www.iqtest.dk.

My score was 107, a bit higher than average (being 100), within the range of "normal", not very satisfying, but what a relief...! My hubby has also done the test with a score of 130! And it's only one step away from Mensa level...!!! He's truly a genius (I knew he was intelligent but I didn't know he was that intelligent)...!

I've also done an EQ test and my score was seriously too low...!!! But I just wonder how can it be cause my IQ is pretty normal and my EQ being so low...!? But anyway, I'm now rather addicted to such kind of test and I'm going to explore it a bit more over internet.

The battle is not yet over.

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