A few days ago I found a cosmetics brand called Fyrinnae which has funny names for their products (hence why I wanted to try out this band initially) so I swapped for their foundation from MUA and immediately fell in love with it.

The shade is Moonstone which is considered to be the second lightest shade. Well, my skintone is not that fair but the problem is most mineral makeup just turns dark on me so I always go for a tad lighter shade for my skintone and this trick normally works.

Their foundations have two catagories: Regular and Superpower, under which they have Matte and Sheen formulations. Superpower is supposed for oily skin and has more coverage, which I fit the bill perfectly, so it should be perfect for me, but I couldn't be able to find it on MUA and I didn't wanna order it all the way from the USA sight unseen so I simply paid £4,5 to an MUAer and bought it off her.

So far, I really love it a lot, I need a lot of coverage, which the foundation doesn't provide, but the drawback is easily made up by the perfect shade (I've ordered 4 sample kits from Everyday Minerals and I still didn't find my right shade, whereas Fyrinnae doesn't offer such a big shade range as EDM does but I found my perfect shade immediately) and the more natural looking, cause EDM's formulations either don't have enough coverage or too chalky for me. So you now know how happy I am with this new foundation, absolutely HG status! I'm going to try their blushes and rice primer too, which both have good reputation, who knows? I might just stop searching in relation to the perfect foundation...! :-D

I like the style of their website too, dark and gothic. They have fun names for their eyeshadows which are related to vampire and East Asia. :-P


Something happened to me and my hubby a few days ago, because of which my political orientation has changed dramatically: from right wing to extremely right wing. And I'm proud of this change and am willing to discuss it openly with everyone.

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