Which young girl hasn't once dreamt about becoming an outstanding and elegant dancer as Dita Von Teese (please ignore Marilyn Manson)? And when she dances, oh my god! Pure grace...! And what makes she so special out of all the dancers/artists/models? Her graceful silhouette and her flawless makeup, always flawless, yes, the light-peach-coloured face and her signature Russian Red lips.

Russian Red?

Yes, Russian Red, not Scottish Red, not China Red, but Russian Red. It suits Dita perfectly. I always wonder, what if she used another colour? Would it still have that effect? The answer is probably no.

Ever since I had seen pictures of Dita, I've been hunting for the perfect lipstick. So far, Pout's Darling Heart is my absolute favourite, the colour and texture is just right, but unfortunately, since Pout has been discontinued, I had to search an alternative. And I found it, yet it's so cheap.

Let me present Catrice Absolute Moisture lipstick, shade number 090 Indian Brown.

Funny name, I know, and it's not brown at all, it's red, a bit at the dark side, the colour resembles to that of Pout's Darling Heart (no wonder! I took Darling Heart to the cosmetics shop in order to find a perfect match), but a bit darker than Darling Heart and no pink undertone, pure red. And the colour in the tube will be the true colour on your lips too.

It smells devine, like vanilla ice cream and the texture is no less than Pout's. It's absolutely moisturing and doesn't dry your lips at all. And what's more wonderful is, no matter how many times you re-apply, it won't get flaky and it does a good job at covering the veins on your lips. It's not perfect though, cause once you drink/eat, you'll detect the red colour on your cup or food but still, for the price (2,99euro) I should just shut up and enjoy using it to pamper my lips. I'll definitely buy other colours too, I'll even buy a back up for Indian Brown considering how much I love it!

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