After having had a chat with my close friend about my little novel, I begin working on it again after it had been forgotten for so long. The most important factor of writing a book is of course inspiration, which is what I'm lacking of, that's why I stopped writing in the first place, until I find my inspiration again, but it has a reason of course.

One thing that inspires me constantly, is music, especially trance, classical and world music.

I recently discovered an interesting feature of Wikipedia: Random article. I would use this feature when I'm bored, and one day, suddenly, I was thinking, hey, this is interesting and somehow I can find links between two random articles, which gives me inspiration, and this is what I need for my book...!

So I tried to add the knowledge I got from the random articles into my books and it works well, and it blends into the stories seamlessly. And thanks to Wikipedia, my vision is broadening dramatically. :-)

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