Bought the recently lauched Catrice blush brush and have used it for a week, here comes the review...

The first thing that caught my attention about the brush is elegance. It's flat, oval-shaped, the handle is 5 cm and the joint part with the bristles is coated with metal, the colour is deep wine red/purple which looks professional, the top of the bristles is a bit wide though to my liking. It's very soft and feels really good on my skin and you won't overdo your blushes with it unless you intend to do so. It claims that it works perfectly with the new Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge, which is true, I was really positively surprised by that...! I can already give it five stars for this! And when I apply loose mineral blushes, it however proforms less well than it does with Catrice blushes (I guess it's partly my fault, cause I chose those insanely pigmented EDM blushes that only work well with skunk brushes), but it's not a problem at all. It's a perfectly sized blush brush that fits into any makeup bag and is ideal to use on vacation.

For reference, the price is 3,49 Euro, which makes it a real winner amongst most of the blush brushes out there available on the market, low end or high end.

I've been a big fan of the genius British DJ Chicane ever since 2003, I love all his albums (especially Behind The Sun and Far From The Maddening Crowds) and I was excited to have discovered his relatively new single "Bruised Water" which is supposed to be a combination of his hot hit "Saltwater" and Natasha Bedingfield's "I Bruise Easily", and I have to say, I'm very disappointed...!

Out of curiosity, I listened to the original version of Natasha's "I Bruise Easily" before listening to "Bruised Water" and in my humble opinion there's no highlight in it, it's just a pop song that's appealing to pop fans but not to trance fans.

"Bruised Water" is typically Chicane's style, featuring relaxing percussion and 110-120 bpm breakbeat, which is very recognizable amongst Chicane fans, the opening line is Saltwater's percusion which cannot be mistaken, and then, Natasha's voice emerges... Ok, let me make it simple: the foreground music is "I Bruise Easily" and the background is "Saltwater", neither of them being slightly adapted. I fail to see how Chicane, or anyone, can simply combine the two songs that're so different from each other in every way. But on the other hand, the idea of combining pop and trance is sooooo "original", if you know what I mean...

We all have the experience of impulsively buying cosmetics, especially lipsticks/lipglosses and only after having tried them at home do we find out that they actually don't suit us, and we have to either throw them away or return them to the shop (not an option in Belgium). What problems can there possibly be with lipsticks/lipglosses? The colour is too dark? Too harsh? Causing flakes? The texture is not quite right? Can these problems be solved?

Mostly yes...!

Cream colour lipglosses can easily tone down the harsh/dark colour and after a coating of clear lipgloss your lipstick won't be that flaky anymore.

After Catrice (yes I know, Catrice again...! :-P) had launched their new lipglosses I immediately rushed to the shop and picked one up, an unexpected one called Vanilla Cream (ok, the only reason why I bought it was because the name reminds me of my favourite Pout foundation Vanilla Cream). The colour is creamy pale yellow (!!!) with shimmer. I didn't try it in the shop, I hoped it would be a wearable shade, it was however, according to me, not that wearable, much to my disappointment.

A few days after I bought a lipstick which I thought would suit me but turned out to be too dark, and then I thought, maybe I could use Vanilla Cream to tone it down, and you know what, the result was fab...! I once used Vanilla Cream to reduce the flakes and it worked well too. So let's say, the only function of cream colour lipglosses is to tone down the harsh colour. If you don't wanna throw away your way-too-dark or flake-maker lipsticks, keep a cream coloured lipglosses in your makeup bag, and you won't be sorry...!

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