As a young girl, I love cosmetics (who doesn't?), but I'm not crazy for cosmetics, I tend to be a minimalist, but it's just not possible! Now that my collection is growing (slowly but surely), it even frightens me...! There're several blushes that serve me as daily blush, and sometimes I don't know which to choose, I would just stare them for several minutes, comparing each other under the poorlit bathroom light, putting strokes on the back of my hand, in the end, because I lose so much time considering which to use, I would be just forced to quickly pick one -- any one -- that I think would fit my mood and dress, which probably is the wrong one... -_-

There are blushes that I only used once and twice and then have to swap them away on MUA, so I'm very careful when buying cosmetics. But there're so many wonderful beauty items out there and it's hard to resist. For example, the newly launched Multi-Colour Rouge "Pacific Beauty" from Catrice (they recently launched many lovely items, especially blushes, and I happen to be a big fan of blushes):
There're 4 colours in a square plastic palette: creamy, beige, light brown, dark brown. In my opinion, it's a highly multi-functional item: The creamy colour can be used as a highlighter, the beige and light brown can be used as a blush, the dark brown can be used as contouring face and on nosewing as shadow, or even as an eyeshadow...! That's why I think maybe I get to have it, but I'll wait until there're some reviews cause I know there're many Catrice fans in the Nederlands, they like to sample whatever Catrice launches. :-P

It almost feels embarrassing but I must confess that I had never used any face scrub until January 2009. I just didn't see the need of using it. We clean our face twice a day so it would be more than logical that there's no dead cel on our face, this is, however, not true.

I didn't bother with the idea of using face scrub until last December, when I applied my Everyday Minerals foundation as usual, after I was done, I noticed that there were flakes peeling off just like an old painting...! Awww...!!! So I began to wonder what's wrong with the foundation or rather... myself?

I went through some research and drew the conclusion: I needed face exfoliating.

So the next thing to do was to find a good brand, I ebayed "exfoliating" as key word and what caught my eyes was Burt's Bees Face Scrub, it was reasonably priced, but not the postage, I was frustrated and tried hard to forget it... -_-

The next day when I was at my local drug store, I saw Nivea Mild Exfoliating Scrub. The package was nice, but was it suitable for me?

  • yes, if you have normal or combination young skin
  • yes, if you want a gentle scrub for peachy-soft skin

Well, I guess I fit the bill, not 100% though (my skin is oily), so I bought it (around 5 euro). On the same day I already tried it, and the result was...


I haven't felt my skin being so soft for years, the softness was something I've been after, and now I finally have it, only after one time of face exfoliating, can you believe it? It's a wonder-in-a-tube! What a surprise!!! And it's only 5 euro! Plus, you don't need to use it daily, once per week is already more than enough. :-D

The exfoliators are very finely milled so they won't hurt your delicate skin even if you exfoliate hard and they have a hint of pleasant smell, massage it onto your face for 5 minutes and then rinse it off, you can already feel the significant difference: your skin is peach-soft. And when you apply your foundation (especially mineral foundation), you'll see your skin gets less flakes or no flakes at all...!

For those of you who want to try a good face exfoliating scrub and in the meantime still wanna keep a small budget rather than throw out your hard earned money on those big brands, try this one! :-D

Remember that I'll write a review about the 3 blushes from Alverde? Here they are! But, dear readers, I'm very sorry, I can't be able to upload my own photos wearing them, cause I myself look so ugly (it has nothing to do with the blushes!) and it's just bleh...! But still, I wanna keep my promise and at least say something over them...

Peach: The texture is very velvety and silk-like, I'm not sure if it has something to do being organic, though the concept of being organic sounds very appealing to most ladies nowadays cause we're more and more aware of what's inside the things that we use daily (plus we use them on our face...!). I've read an
scientific article somewhere stating that the so-called cosmetics that the ancient Greek and Egyptians used contained mercury...! And do you have any idea what it is...? I bet you don't want to know. :-D

Ok, back to the topic, we were talking about Peach, yes, it feels good on my face and everything is ideal, except for one thing: it doesn't show up on my face...! Well, I'm NC 25 in MAC, I consider my skintone as "Fair-Medium", more to the fair side, though I have a yellow undertone being Asian. I didn't even think about if the blush would show up on my face cause I didn't have the problem with any blushes before (partly because I always chose heavily pigmented blushes, so it's me to blame... -_-), and now that I encounter this problem, I finally realized that I'm not that "fair" (but, how many Asians have you seen that truly have a fair skintone? Not many, I bet). So although I like it a lot, I'm afraid I have to swap it away on MUA... -_-

Apricot: Aha! This one shows up on my face and it's lovely...! :-D The texture is the same as that of Peach, and the colour on my face is mid-dark pink. I guess I won't use it as often as it's supposed to be cause I just have too many blushes...!

Soft Copper: It goes on sheer, smoothly glides onto my skin leaving a nice finish. I just hope it won't break me out, or else I'll be forced to swap it away. But so far so good, well, we will see...

Will upload some pictures soon.

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