Actually I already bought one of their newly launched blushes in the shade Wild Rose two weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it. I normally refer to the description on their website before making purchases but there was no description available back then so I impulsively bought it only because it's so beautiful, and it's made from mineral. I'm very into mineral these days. Also, it cost only 2,99 euro, if I didn't like it, it's no big deal, but I do like it a lot so it's well worth it. :-)

Terra Brown:

Wild Rose is muted pink (the official swatch is simply useless, it's not that bright) with tiny bit shimmer which is not noticeable at all once applied, so it's not bling bling, the shade is not special, but since I'm a big fan of Catrice, and I've fallen for the cute little packaging so I got to have it. I might also get Coral Sand, who knows? :-)

And yet another item from them to mention: The Limited Edtion Collection "Aurora" that will be launched in April, what caught my attention is (again!) their blush named Sunrise, what's so special about it? Its gradating shades! From light pink to mid dark pink with red under tone. I'm not a big fan of pink but the design of the page for this limited edition is so artistic! It's pink and soft yellow that are perfectly aligned which gives me a serenity feeling inside, which I haven't felt for a long time.

This Monday I received a long awaited package full of Everyday Minerals foundations and blushes from a MUAer (e.g. member of and it was full of surprises for me (in both way though)...! The negative surprise was that she didn't reseal the jars (the products being used) with tapes so when I opened the jars... oh my god! Powder flying everywhere! Mostly on my shirt and my bed sheet... (I'll have a good time washing them... -_-)! And the positive surprise was that she included tons of lovely extras (I initially swapped for her brand new full sized Linen and Fair Neutral both in intensive formula, and mini sized Snuggle and Sunkissed Fair in intensive): Best Friends in mini jar (I actually already have Best Friends), Morning Cup in sample jar, Multi-Intensive Concealer in sample jar, Fair Medium (intensive) in sample jar and Sunkissed Fair (intensive) in sample jar. The lovely lady is so generous and is truly proven to be a gem on MUA. :-D

(Sorry for not being able to provide photos of the foundations, it's only because I've mixed them for better shades)

And the biggest surprise was... Snuggle is such an amazing and radiant blush... (I've been lemming it for a while but didn't have the chance to try it)! Simply beautiful...! It's a combination of pink and coral with shimmer and it makes my face glow. It has a little shimmer but not too much (I'm not a fan of shimmery things) and the shimmer doesn't annoy me at all, cause when I blend the blush, the shimmer goes off. If applied with a light hand, it's very dolce vita. :-) I guess it will be flattering on many skin tones from very fair to dark/olive. Definitely a keeper and probably will become one of my HG blushes, but the rating on MUA is not very high, it's in my opinion really underrated.

And another minor surprise, negative though: Morning Cup. It's a blush, and it's grey! I can't imagine who can possibly put grey on their face as a blusher...! I don't see the point why it's categorized as a blusher, it can be a good eye shadow though. So needless to say, I have to swap it away. But seems it's not too bad according to other MUAers, which I seriously don't understand. @_@

EM is discontinuing some really nice blushes and if I want to have them, I have to buy them now.

PS I'm afraid I can only admire the beauty of Bourjois's newly lauched lipstick/lipgloss (I think it's only available in Belgium at the moment) rather than buying it cause the price is simply too steep (11,9 euro for 6ml, if calculated by the price per mililiter, it's actually more expensive than any of Estée Lauder's lipgloss (15,6 euro for 10ml, this is the RRP in Belgium)). So you see, a drool hanging Fan sadly admiring her new discovery in Bourjois but cannot have them herself... Truly sad... :-(

I first heard this melody back in 13 years ago. Richard Clayderman was over popular in China back then (that's how his music became super market music, haha) and I was addicted in his albums (but now I realized how commercial his music is) and listened to them over and over again until I got fed up with them, but there're particularly some songs that I still like very much now, and you bet what I'm gonna do with them. I'll make my versions out of them! :-D

So this is Mariage d'amour, a romantic one. And I only made it more dreamy. I've finished it long time ago with Overture (another music edit/compose software I use, but I don't like it so much cause the result is in their own format that cannot be played by any media player), and last week I "copied" it on Cakewalk. It took me a whole week back then to rewrite this song, and today I made some small changes. I do hope you will like it dear readers (though at this moment I only have Izar ^_^):

Click here for the original one. It's played by Richard Clayderman.

Click here for my version: This time I uploaded the unconverted midi version! ^_^

If you're interested in the music sheets, just a message and I'll be more than glad to send it to you. :-)

One of my greatest passions is: music editing and (re)mixing. Whenever I hear sweet music, I try to make a version of my own based on the original ones. What software/equipment do I use? Well, I have no money for a turn table (a decent one is normally more than 10 thousand euros, to give you an idea) and I only have Cakewalk. It's a wonderful software that allows users to compose music, so far, I haven't really composed any music of my own and I only use it for remix other's music and I'm having great fun! :-D I'm currently using cakewalk 9,0 which I bought back in 9 (!!) years ago on a book market in China, but I only used it on and off, cause as a high school student, I was busy with my studies and thus had not much time for my hobbies, and now I have plenty of time so I decided to pick up this old hobby of mine again. :-D

It looks like this:

This is the main panel that gives you a good overview of every function panel and menu. You can mute any channel (e.g. instrument) or change the key (e.g. tone).

This is one of two forms that allows you to edit music, it's easy for expert to use.

This is another form of how you make/remix your music, it's called "piano roll", which is my favourite form to remix music. Why? Cause it's easier to navigate than the above one and you have all the options before you just by a click! Also, if you don't quite know how music sheets/notes work, or if you're not familiar with the theory part, then the piano scroll is definitely something for you...! :-D

I very much like to remix good music and then change the tempo/instruments, which brings a dramatic effect compared with the original ones. I've already remixed a lot of music in China, but unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost almost all my work...!!! It was a severe blow to me and I had been upset for quite a long time cause it's my 3 years' work...!!!

So far, I mostly only remix instrumental music, cause I can't find a virtual instrument in my cakewalk database that actually resembles human vocal, which is a great shame (I'll ask my friend to order a higher version of cakewalk for me in China, mine is very basic and don't forget that I bought it 9 years ago).

So here it goes, I finished this piece quite a long time ago but I was not (and am still not 100%) satisfied with it compared to the original, which is so beautiful and lively. But I decided to share it with my blog viewers anyway and all comments are eagerly welcomed! :-D

Click here for the original one (it's from a Chinese PC game which I loved a lot, and I still do ^_^):

Click here for my edition 1: A slower version of it, 2 semi tones lower, which makes it simple and sweet, the two instruments are harp and celesta which I'm very very fond of...! You can hear the two instruments in almost all my work. :-D

Click here for my edition 2: Another slower version of it, and 3 semi tones lower. When being converted from midi to mp3, the sound of each instrument has been changed and I'm not very happy about that. I made it much slower than the original one so the styles changed dramatically from cheery to sentimental. :-)

Personally speaking, I think the second edition is a good work, and now I'd like to hear your opinion, even if you know nothing about music...! :-D

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