I never understand why Aachen always looks so grey, it's almost depressing, and unexceptionally, it was raining too, but not too hard, so that I could still enjoy wandering on the shopping street of Aachen in the rain... :-P

My boyfriend has been staying in Aachen, Germany for a week for his job, he was having a training in Aachen, yesterday was Friday and he could finally pack his stuff and go home, and since I've always been wanting to visit this lovely city so I decided to come here today, do some shopping and then go back to home with him. I would meet him in the afternoon, around 3pm. So that I still had enough time enjoying myself doing (window)shopping. :-D

I had the address with me, and I managed to find the shop DM (it has been my favourite shop since 2005, it's a chain supermarket store which keeps on surprising me, unfortunately, it's not available in Belgium) under the help of a friendly lady, I didn't spend much time and money there, cause I knew if I beg my boyfriend sweetly, he wouldn't mind spending some bucks for me. :-P So all I had to do was to drag him here. :-D

When I stepped out of the shop, something unexpectedly happened: two German girls stopped me and told me that my jeans was almost completely wet...!! I stared them blankly for some seconds and then immediately realized what happened: I didn't close my drink bottle tight enough so the drink spilled everywhere in my backpack...!!! How embarrassing...!!! I thanked them and tried to cover it with my long coat but it didn't help so much. I sat in a bench thinking how miserable it could be, and it happened on me. I wanted to pay a visit to Douglas, a high end cosmetics store, but I couldn't just walk into the shop like this of course. It was already 1pm so I decided to get something to eat before my miserable feeling killed me.

I went to a Turkish eatery (I can hardly call it a restaurant) where I had been to before. The only difference was, this time I was alone. So, making an order in German became a primary problem, it was like "Hallo, ich.... eh... ein pizza, well... hmm... kein kä...
se... danke!" Thank God he understood me without any problem and after merely 10 minutes' waiting I got a very nice large tuna pizza without cheese and it cost only 4,5 euro! :-D When I stepped out of the eatery, my mood changed dramatically and my jeans was completely dry! :-D

I've been waiting in the train station for my boyfriend for almost one hour. He was not late, it's me, I was way too early. I bought a bottle of Cherry Coke and then settled down on the bench near the exit watching people passing by...


So many times, I've overflowed
So many faces come and go

I play my dice, into the sun

And try to work out what you are to me...

Hardly any businessmen here. Only groups of cheerful students and tired travellers, am I one of them...?

My boyfriend finally came, he looked cheery and jolly, we went to DM again, only this time another one (I've no idea how many DM stores in Aachen, but at least 4, I bet).

On the day before I went to Germany, I've already carefully read Izar's posts about Alverde (her posts have been super helpful...!), trying not to skip a single word. And now I'm excited to see the brand in reality myself. I've been testing all their blushes on the back of my hands for more than 20 minutes, picking this up and putting that down, like a little girl in toy shop. I had no idea which ones to choose cause they all looked so beautiful so I asked my boyfriend's opinion, and as usual, he had no opinion at all. :-P He doesn't like me wearing cosmetics and he doesn't understand why I need to cover up those annoying pimples. Maybe he thinks that the pimples have been on my face long enough to be a part of me? Or maybe he thinks even those pimples reflect my "natural beauty"!? Who knows?

I finally made my choice, I picked up two powder blushes: Apricot (01) and Peach (02) (2,95 Euro each)and a cream blush in the shade Soft Copper (02) (3,25 euro). Their powder blushes are packed in a lovely apple green plastic (not metal -_-) compact and they smell like black locust which reminds me of my childhood whereas the cream blush is packed in a smaller silver plastic tin. Both of the packagings are very stylish and pretty cool, in my opinion. Cause they're so different than the packagings of MAC or Chanel etc. which I'm not so fond of, cause they unexceptionally look cold and less bright.

Apricot is rosy pink, with a hint of plum, it looks dark in the pan, but let me assume it won't look so dark on my face, cause most low end blushes go on sheer, which is a bless for me. I always tend to apply my blushes with a heavy hand and I always end up looking like a hilarious clown. :-(

Peach is mild coral, it would be a very good everyday-look blush and if I don't fancy anything adventurous then I'm sure I'll reach for it. :-)

Soft Copper looks a bit coppery as the name suggests, but still you can sense some rosy tints (red, plum, but not mauve, luckily) in it. I'm not a big fan of cream blushes cause I have super oily skin and cream blushes have the tendency to clog your pores as I was told, but still I couldn't resisit Soft Copper but had to buy it cause it's such a unique shade. :-P

And a photo of these three lovely blushes:

Next week I'll try to write a specific review with my photos wearing the three blushes. :-)

On the train back to Belgium, when blankly looking out of the window, I was thinking maybe someday I should go back to Aachen again, to do some shopping, to wander on the cobblestones, to indulge myself in the colourful world of DM, maybe very soon, maybe already next week. Who knows?


Inside my eyes, the answer lies
Something I can't see

Another day, another way

It's all the same to me, to me...

First and foremost, I wanna express my appreciation to Izar, a Hungarian girl.

The whole story is like this:

Me being a cosmetics junkie, constantly searching for my ultimate Holy Grail, especially foundation and blush. Tomorrow (Oops! Already today! I've just noticed the time!) I'll be going to Germany and would like to visit some local cosmetics stores there. I searched the website of DM and found a brand called Alverde. I've fallen for their sleek and slender apple green metallic (at least they look like metallic, it would surprise me if they're plastic) packagings (Love at first sight! Once again!) and decide to buy some tomorrow when I'm there (initially, I was searching for a MAC boutique in Germany but learned the prices are out of my small budget). I did some studies and searched for this brand Alverde, the results I got were mostly in German which is Greek for me...! I was about to give up, and then I came across Izar's blog, a cosmetics junkie just like me...! She has detailed reviews plus pictures which helped me to gain a clear insight for this brand. I read all her reviews related to Alverde with great interest and I am very grateful to her, what's more, I discovered later on that she's also a big fan of Everyday Minerals (which I'll call it EM from now on) and Depeche Mode and Enya. I truly want to get to know her, to say the least, to become a good friend of her and to share my reviews of a-little-bit-of-everything with her. In order to do that, I must open a blog of my own of course, so this is my motive of writing all these words above. I'll try to continue writing and hope that my blog might be the inspiration of somebody, which would be great...

A big thank-you to Izar and everyone who views my blog! You know who you are!

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