Eyeshadows: Since they had a "Gift With Purchase over $30" action and because my order was above $30 so I chose "Storm Cloud" as the free gift, and surprisingly got two extra's from them: Sapphire and Cyprus Sand. Sapphire was the colour that I wanted but eventually chose Storm Cloud, whereas Cyprus Sand is not in their shop at all so I was lucky, and the jar is also a bit smaller. :-P The regular size is around 2g in a 5g jar with sifter. $4. A very big advantage about them is, they don't create a mess when being applied.

Cyprus Sand: is pale gray with fine shimmer and a hint of khaki. I'm not an eyeshadow maniac and I only wear "classic" and "neutral" colours so I'm not sure I would reach it that often, nonetheless I'm very grateful to Silk Naturals. :-)

Storm Cloud: is metallic gray with pale blue undertone (due to the reflection you can only see the blue undertone though), it's a very beautiful colour and versatile too. I guess I'll try to create a "Smokey Look" with it (I actually have never tried Smokey Look nor any other looks yet, I only use one eye colour each time so it's an challenging for me to combine the two colours, it shouldn't be that difficult though).

Sapphire: Very pretty! SN describes it as navy blue which I agree. It's a rich dark midnight blue with shimmer, under certain light you can also detect the beautiful purple sheen. You can create tons of possibility with it, use it wet or dry, wear it along or with other colours, the choice is in the palm of your hand. :-D

Blushes: SN blushes are around 3.5g in a 10g jar, enough to last 2-3 months. The prices vary from $6.5 to $6.75, very reasonable. Like many mineral makeup companies, they categorize their blushes with skintones (cool, warm), finish (shimmer, matte) and textures (powder, cream). Two things they have in common: 1st, they all apply like a dream. 2nd, most of them have sort of an "in between" shade, or appear another colour under reflection (for instance, Nuance looks differently on the two photos, and I think the last one represents Nuance better)...! Compare my swatches with the official ones, you'll be surprised...!

Apple: is shimmery pink (on the dark side) with just a hint of plum tone (in the photo you only see red, but it really IS a pink blush), since almost all the blushes in loose powder form are very pigmented so Apple might suit darker skinned girls, which means I must be very careful not to overdo it.

Climax: SN claims that it's a clone of NARS Orgasm blush. I've never used Orgasm (nor am I going to get it) so I can't compare the two. Climax is a lovely light pale pink with shimmer (in the picture it looks matte though). It will suit cool toned girls better than warm toned.

Embrace: it looks like EDM Plum Dust, though Embrace is lighter. It's matte. I'm not sure if I'll like it, cause it looks too dark and is absolutely not my natural flush colour...! But again, one can never know how it performs before one tries it out oneself, so I still have hope for it, because for the shades I tried so far, I like all of them...! :-D

Foxxy: I almost don't see any difference between Foxxy and Climax, except, maybe, that Climax is on the pink side whereas Foxxy has a hint of plum, it looks very metallic and transparent and crystal-like. I haven't tried it yet on my cheeks and am not sure it'll show up.

Lovelace: A clone of apparently overrated NARS Deep Throat (vulgar name...!). I had NARS Deep Throat and swapped it away, it was okay but nothing special. I was just curious to see how this Lovelace would perform on my cheeks. It gives me a very youthful look, as if I were 5 years younger. ^_^

Nuance: Seeing it for the first time at swatch online, I thought it's a clone of Pout Blossom Belle (a rightly rated and highly sought-after tangerine shade with plenty of shimmer, very unique and flattering on almost all skintone, especially warm skintones. I'm honored to have this shade...!), at least it appears so on the official swatch, hence why I bought it, but when I look at it in the jar, it doesn't look like Blossom Belle, cause it's not that tangerine shade but light pink, but the magical thing is, when applied lightly on my cheeks, it's half pink half tangerine depending on the light, very very pretty. It absolutely deserves 5 stars! I'll definitely buy it again...! It's also the one I love the best among the 7 blushes.

Stardust: in the jar it's a bright cotton candy pink, very girly, with shimmer, but that's very deceptive. It's just as unpredictable as its name: it actually isn't that girly, it's a cold pink (reminds me of MAC's Dame). I always imagine it would suit well on a young noble girl wandering in the garden, with beautiful dress and that cold stare of her blue eyes, with just a hint of Stardust on her pale cheeks (suits cool toned girls better than warm toned ones, so in another word, it won't suit me but I just had to buy it cause it's stunning!). Dazzling! :-P

And last but not least, a photo of all these blushes as a "Perfect Ending" of this post entry. :-D One word of advise though: if you're interested in a certain shade, don't trust the swatches too much, simply read reviews and buy it...! :-D

Voilà, what do you think of them? Let Fan know! :-D

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Oooh, this is such a good post!!! Most of these blushes are new even for me (meaning I don't own them and haven't seen them in person), and it's good to have some reference, especially because those swatches on SN's site really can't be trusted, and the descriptions are just not the same as seeing them on a photo.

Cyprus Sand is most likely their surprise GWP that they give to people if their purchase reaches 10$. Then, if you reach 30$ you automatically receive the surprise GWP and any one eyeshadow of your choice. After 60$ you get another free e/s and so on. I'd say they're a pretty generous company. :-)

Their surprise GWPs are usually really cool (as in this case): there was Pink Twink somewhere around spring or early summer that I absolutely adore and it was a huge success among my Hungarian friends too: what we like about it is that it's the pink that's perfectly wearable, and doesn't make us look as if we'd been crying. I hope they'll bring it back this Christmas.

Anyway, I should definitely get Nuance next time, cause it's the kind of shade that I totally adore, but I'm not sure about Foxxy anymore: I guess I imagined it to be much darker. ^_^ Apple is another one I really like, so maybe I'll give that one a chance too. :)

Thanks a bunch for the excellent review and the swatches! I know I'll be using this as a reference next time I order from them. :)

Hi Izar,

I'm so glad that my post is helpful for you! :-D Yes I bought the 7 blushers without any regret, of course there're always some that I love a lot and some I don't like very much, but at least I tried those on my wishlist, knowing how they perform on my cheeks, I have no regret. :-)

Now that I've tried all of them on my cheeks, time to give a top 3 list: :-D

1. Nuance: One cannot imagine how beautiful it is until one tries it on, though I wouldn't recommend it to cold skintones, but Izar, if you're like me, more or less an NW25, then I highly recommend it!! A must have! :-DDD

2. Apple: Great colour for a sweet but not too childish look, goes well with lots of eyeshadow combinations, especially the "simple one color wash", as Karen would say! :-DD

3. Embrace: A Black Horse I would say, cause I didn't expect too much from it, I thought it's a lighter version of EDM Plum Dust, which I didn't like, but it performs so well...! A very good shade for autumn/winter and if you wanna reach that mature look, go for it! It's not too dark and is another shade that you cannot imagine "how it's gonna perform on my cheeks" by looking at the swatches, it can be quite deceptive even on the back of your hand...! :-D

What are the ones I like the least then?

1. Foxxy: In the jar it looks so attempting but it doesn't show up on my cheeks, I only see tons of shimmer, nothing more, and yet I can't use it as a highlighter (I don't use highlighter either) cause I would truly look like a disco ball, you know, the Glitter Queen look. I guess I'll give it away in my next MUA swap. Everyone is welcome to claim this blush. :-P

2. Climax: It does show up after some efforts, but the problem is, since it's pretty shimmery too, and since I don't like shimmery blush, so I always dust a thin layer of loose powder to "sweep away" the shimmer, ok, the shimmer IS gone, but then the blush is also gone. :-S Very frustrated... -_-

3. Stardust: So what's wrong with Stardust? Does this colour show up? Yes. Is it too shimmery? No. Then what's the problem? It looks too girly and bubblegum pink on my cheeks. I'm already 26, having reached the age of trying to gradually avoid anything too girly/bubblegum pink, I have to say goodbye to those kind of stuff. :-P

Truly hope that my "guide" would be helpful to you as much as my post and do try at least Nuance please, even if it's only a sample jar...! :-D

Love and hugs,

Okay Fan, you got me convinced that I gotta try Nuance: from what I gathered from the Internet I probably fall into the NC25 category too, so it should be perfect for me. :D

Plum colors, as I sadly came to realize, are probably the only colors that don't go well with my complexion, so I'll pass on Embrace, but Apple is definitely another a go-getter.

Stardust looks a lot like EDM's Chit Chat of which I still own a sample size pot: CC was my first ever true pink (+ the first one that was that shimmery), but for some reason I really like it. It does brighten my complexion, I just have to make sure to apply it with a light hand.

Previous to your post I only had an eye for Climax and Foxxy, and it's soooo good having your post, because I think I'll at least be able to buy the kind of SN stuff that I can actually use. Yay! ;-)) *hugs*

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