So this is the review of Alverde Tagesfluid (I still don't know what it really means, surprisingly, there're Hungarian, Czetch and Croatian translations) & blush ("Flamingo") and Essence September Limited Edition eyeshadows Wildberry Sorbet, Chocolate Shake and Toffee Cream (just bought it on last Friday).

My favourite type of makeup is mineral makeup, hands down no doubt, but for a while I drifted away from it cause I behold obvious blotches after having applied mineral makeup and it sometimes causes me dry patches, partly because I don't primer, but I do use moisturizer which is Oshadhi Aloe Lavender Lotion (€17 for 100ml), it doesn't help with dry patches and blotches, I was using it for soothing pores and it's super moisturizing, blended with lavender essential oil but not greasy and oil at all on your face, all in all, it's an excellent moisturizer and lives up to its claims, but I need something to solve the blotches and dry patches problem, and now, this problem easily is solved by Alverde Tagesfluid. Miracle in a bottle, yet so cheap.

I don't understand German, but basically, I think it's a moisturizer, it doesn't matter how it's supposed to be used, I just use it as a moisturizer and primer, it's not liquid-like, it's more like a gel, white, no obvious scent and feels comfortable and easy to blend, followed by mineral makeup and I CLEARLY see the differences, there're simply no dry patches nor blotches. Only a lovely made up face. It stays put for 4 hours and then I need to touch up, which is not a problem cause I always take powder and brush with me. :-D

PROs: Not greasy. No residue. Cheap ( any Oshadhi moisturizer is at least 3 times the price of Alverde Tagesfluid). Easy to blend. Gives a nice preparation for makeup. No breakouts.

CONs: Doesn't control oil (which I don't expect either, so I'm not disappointed).

Verdict: 9.5 out of 10, will buy again! I might even replace Oshadhi moisturizer with it.

Price: €3.25 for 50ml

A big THANK YOU to Izar, without her, I wouldn't have discovered this gem...! I couldn't find the Goji products that Izar recommended though, what a pity... :-(

Alverde blush "Flamingo"

It's stark bright red/pink, at first I was a bit frightened but in the meantime was also charmed by the colour, although it's actually nothing special. I remembered my two other Alverde blushers, their pigmentation is rather poor, I hoped this one isn't, cause it looks scarily bright. And well, as soon as I was home I tried it on, the pigmentation is actually not that crazy as I thought. I use a regular blush brush to apply it, as long as I remember to tap off the exceed powder, I won't be like a clown.

PROs: Beautiful colour. Cheap. Doesn't accentuate pimples.

CONs: Eh...?

Verdict: 8 out of 10, but I probably won't buy it again, considering how many blushes I have... :-P

Price: €2.95

Essence September Limited Edition Eyeshadows:

Chocolate Shake:

This is a silver grey colour, not too dark nor too light, just the right colour for me with the right amount of shimmer, it's much more beautiful in reality than on the photo. A real Must-Have...!

Wild berry Sorbet:

This is the one I love the most out of the 3, it's such a beautiful plum colour, with fine shimmer that's hardly noticeable, it can create a smoky look or a laid back look, truly a versatile colour, and elegant too...!!!

Coffee Cream:

This is an everyday colour that can be used on the whole eyelid, when I tried it on the back of my hand in the shop, it was rather light, I feared it might not show up on my eyes, but it does!

I can't believe that I could be so clumsy!! On the second day that I bought it, I accidently dropped it on the flour and of course this baby is broken. :-(

PROs: Great colours. Non creasing. Easy to blend.

CONs: None (not that I know of, at least)...!

Verdict: All 3 of them are very nice! I wish they were permanent products. :-(

Price: €1,99

What do you think...? Let Fan know...! :-D

P.S. By the way, Oshadhi is a very good German brand that only produces 100% organic products, they select the finest ingredients and follow strict procedure to pursue their goals, they have a large selection of Aroma oils and provide a few hundreds (!!!) kinds of aroma oils in different contents.

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Hey Fan!

(Yeah, I've been hiding in your summer cottage again... *blushes*)

Whew, it's so good to hear that this product worked for you too! Yay!!! :-D I was a bit worried about whether it would work for you too or not: I wouldn't have wanted to be the cause of you throwing out money for something that was useless. (Btw, as I understand it, its name is supposed to convey that it's meant for daytime use and that its consistency is that of a fluid. :) )

That Alverde blush is indeed gorgeous and surely a great addition to your stash. ;-)

Drat, I know I should have bought Chocolate Shake, but I don't mind it that much, because Silk Naturals has just come out with lots of new lippies, and I've been planning my shopping list ever since I came home and checked their site. :-D Also, I went to DM today and saw all the new Alverde products; I even bought some and will review them shortly.

Take care!

Hello Izar,

Yes I've been faithfully using the Alverde Tagesfluid for almost a month and it works very well and doesn't break me out! Two thumbs up!

I've seen you mentioning Silk Naturals for thousand times and I still don't know anything about this company yet. Could you please give me a link so that I can have a look? But again I fear it's not available in Belgium cause I've never seen it here. All those big cosmetics companies either don't have their products available here or the prices are rip off...!! How sad... -_-

Do you think Silk Naturals is avaiable in Germany? I might go there again very soon. ^_^

Take care!

Big hugs, Fan xoxoxo

Hey Fan!

Cool! I'm still so happy it worked for you too: it feels great to have been able to help. ^_^

Here's the link to Silk Naturals homepage. They're a small, US-based mineral makeup company with some excellent products, fast and cheap postage (the cheapest I've ever seen), and excellent CS. Their lippies are phenomenal (got some reviews and swatches on my blog, and more are soon to come), as well as their eyeshadows and blushes (the latter quite sheer and easy to work with). There has never been a product from them that I was disappointed in. I know that brand preference is very personal and what works varies from person to person, but I do love their things and rave about them every chance I get (without being paid for if, of course... If I were, I'd already be a millionaire. :))

Look around on their site and if you like anything and it's not on my blog, just drop me a line and ask: if I have it, I'll be glad to describe it for you/send pics. :)

Lots of hugs,

Erm, here's the link again, I must have goofed up something:

Hello Izar,

I've had a close look of Silk Naturls' site and I'm afraid I'll have to test some of their blushes and foundation...! :-D They seem to be a really nice company with cheap price and postage (the only thing that I'm not so fond of is that they have "MAC Clones" and "NARS clones", I understand that it's to help people to choose colours but I do believe every cosmetics company creates unique colours of blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks etc. and that they don't need to compare their products to someone else, plus, many girls I know don't like MAC or NARS).

Have you tried their foundation already? Their idea is absolutely original: mix a lighter shade and a darker one to create your own, which is the way I always do, but I've never heard of any mineral cosmetics company selling their foundations that way.

Their blushes interest me too, but I'm not very aware of their measuring system (as well as that from EDM, seems a lot of minerals cosmetics companies use that system), I mean, to fill a jar of 30g, how much product do I need? Is it 30g? I don't think so. Why don't they simply say "this is 5g and that is 10g"?? Frustrating! Hope you might be able to help me at this point. Thanks! ^_^

Love and hugs,

Hey Fan,

Oh please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top: do try at least one lippie, they're simply the best! I strongly recommend 'Soft' or 'Damsel' or 'Precious': sheer (the first 2 are anyway), and oh-so-moisturizing and with universally flattering colors. (I'll shut up about their lippies now. :)

True, it's a bit pointless to create famous brand clones, but as I've noticed their "clones" are usually not exact replicas of the original products: those mainly just serve as inspiration for Karen. In any case, I don't pay much attention to that: I've never had anything from MAC or NARS or Bobbi Brown (nor am I planning to get any in the near future), so I wouldn't be able to compare them anyway. :)

Foundation-wise... weeeell, I haven't had much luck with that. No matter what I did, I could not make the stuff yellow enough, though I pride myself in being able to mix and match color pretty well. There was always too much beige and pink in there (or in extreme cases, orange!) and I just gave it up for now. I ordered their Perfect Harmony Sample Kit and some extra green powder because of my olive complexion, but no luck. Coverage was excellent though: try to avoid the 'Heavy' formula though: it's waaaaay too chalky. The sample kit has the Original formula, and it was still perfectly enough to cover my scars and zits (which were much worse then).

I've only ever ordered samples of their blushes: they're nowhere near the amount provided by EDM (well, the price is different too), but they're enough for quite a few uses. The eyeshadows come in jars the same size as EDM's and are packed full most of the time (they sell by the weight of the product not by volume so it varies).

I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow and e-mail them to you. Weather's still horrible, so they won't be fit for publishing color-wise but might give you a better idea as to the quantities. :)

Hugs and kisses,

Dear Izar,

I promise that I'll try at least one lippie from Silk Naturals. ^_^ Of the lippies that you recommended, I guess I'll probably go for "Precious" cause it's the least pink of the three. :-P I'm really not suitable for pink lip-makeup. -_-

Do you have a olive complexion with yellow undertone? And EDM's foundation under "Olive" category doesn't help? Too bad... But don't give up, there're so many mineral cosmetics companies out there and I'm sure you'll find one that fits you perfectly (I thought I found a good product: the mineral foundation from Essence and I've been using it for some time but they just discontinued it recently...! I was so frustrated but now not anymore, cause you introduced Silk Naturals to me and I'm sure that I can find a good match with them. You see? The changes only come when you don't expect them...!^_^)! Have you tried Fyrinnae's foundation already? Well, foundation is not their star product (they're famous for their eyeshadows, being vibrant and having fancy names) but maybe it's worth giving a try. (

By the way, EDM says that foundation with "Olive" undertone will suit most of the Asians, but I don't think it'll suit me, I always go for lighter shades in Beige and Buff categories and they usually suit me very well. And most mineral foundations from whichever brands tend to darken a bit after I've applied it for a while (very bizarre!), do you have the same problem?

Do you think the Heavy formula is too chalky? Then I'll try to avoid them, maybe Original or Medium will suit me, hopefully one sample kit will last me at least 3 months cause if not, then I have to worry about finding the perfect match all the time... -_- Hey Izar, I just found that I almost start trusting you blindly...!!! I love whatever you recommend, which is almost impossible to believe...!! ^O^

Love and hugs

Hello my lovely Fan,

Aww, you're so sweet, our tastes seem to be very much alike, but do hold on to a little doubt, it comes in handy sometimes. ^_^ And OMG, is this ^O^ a little angel?? I've never seen it before, but it's so cute! I guess we learn something new every day. :-D

Actually, EDM's Light Almond (which is in the Olive category, and has double the green than the others) has worked for me quite well (maybe it could use a little more yellow, but it's okay). Nowadays I use the Original Glo' formula and it's perfect. I just use LA in the Intensive formula as a concealer and I'm set. Some foundations darken on me too after I apply them, but Light Almond is okay in this respect: it's a bit lighter than my skintone and after it's been on my skin for 30 minutes or so it's perfect.

I haven't tried Fyrinnae yet, though their eyeshadows are simply calling my name, but I've always held back b/c of their long shipping time.

Hey, I'll include the rest of my SN Ivory foundation base in Heavy Coverage in your package and you'll see if you can perhaps find a use for it. It might just be what you've been looking for all your life. ;-)
Oh I just know you'll love Precious, though I'm pretty sure that Karen's pinks are not the pinks that most brands come up with: SN pinks all have a whisper of brown in them just to make them universally wearable. :-)

Oooh, I'm so excited for you! You and me will keep our fingers crossed for those SN goodies to work for you. ^_^

Lots of love,

Dear Izar,

Thanks for your compliments! I forgot where this "^O^" came from but when I write emails I usually use tons of such emoticons, to name a few:

o_O (surprised)
◎_◎ (shocked)
=_=" (sad)
$_$ (miser)
~>_<~ (crying)
@->>--- ("A rose For You")
(:≡ (jellyfish)
╮(︶︿︶)╭ (angry)
※>-- (a bouquet)

Aren't they lovely? *^_^* Now they're yours, put them into good use and lighten up your emails any time!! :-D

Do you think that the Heavy formula from SN is less chalky than EDM Intensive? I've read enough good reviews of SN foundation, but I'm always ready and open to your advise, you know. :-)

Oooh that's so generous of you to give me the rest of your SN Ivory foundation base, in that case, I'll order both Original and Medium formula, I don't wanna miss a single chance to try it, just in case... :-) And I've found some other lippies from them that I probably like. SN is killing my wallet...! :-D

Love and hugs,

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