It's been a damn decade and I still don't know her name...

I first heard of DAZE back in 10 years ago, precisely in 1999. I went to my favourite CD "shop" (it was very very tiny weeny, with a few hundred cassettes and Cd's. The shop owner is a damn good friend of my damn good cousin's so he's my friend too, though I can't say he's a "good friend", it's only because... because I didn't really visit him as often as he would like to, and by doing this, I disappointed him a lot. He didn't treat me as an ordinary customer but more like a sibling brother) on a casual weekend and bought a few cassettes (mind you, CDs were quite rare in China yet...) and the friendly shop owner gave me a cassette of DAZE as a gift, hence how I got to know them.

DAZE, a Euro Dance brand from Denmark, that type of brand that you often hear on EuroSong festival, though I didn't know how to categorize them back then, cause it's so different from Enya, Death Metal and classics, from all the genres that I knew of. And it's so cheery.

The cassette I got of them is Superhero. The cover was flashy enough: The lead vocal, a sexy attractive assertive young woman dressed in stark red Chinese cheongsam, with dyed stark blue hair, each single hair pointing to a different direction, how fancy...! And her companions, a bald guy with a sick smile, and an attractive black haired guy posing like a dark wizard, two rays of laser lights from his two hands.


There're 10 songs in total, each has a strong character, and the rhythms, oh my god oh my lord they sounded so fresh and new to my ears and I thought I was in love... There's no lyric insert so I had no idea what they're singing about, could be anything, of course, I even tried hard to figure it out as an English listening exercise, didn't work. I loved it so much that I listened to it everyday over and over again for a good 2 years, even more so than my beloved Enya. I lent the cassette to my friends and they loved it too and made copies of it. :-D

Glad to hear that my taste to music was appreciated. :-)

How happy I was, if only for discovering this lovely brand, back in ten years ago, a decade...

Back to a few weeks ago in the very chilly winter of 2009, I accidently found it on youtube, with official videos and lyrics. I recognized the familiar rhythms immediately...! Their videos are so fancy, only a pity that the vocal looks much older (time flies! Especially for beautiful women...!), but her style didn't change a single bit, I see the stark blue hair again with exaggerated facial expression, what a relief. Wat een opluchting hoor!

And for the first time, I got to understand their lyrics... Once again the word:"Fancy"...! It's both fun and imaginative, though others might think they're just some meaningless blablabla, but to me, it's much more than that, it brings me directly back to ten years ago when I was a young and fresh high school student who was considered to be a bit weird by her classmates. Even if not for this, DAZE is simply a cool brand hands down.


I always wonder what her name is, must be very unique and exotic to me cause she's from a country that's almost unknown to me, and she's that lovely and sexy, she surely deserves it...


(The End)

Seems every teenage girl is absolutely buzzing about the Twilight Saga New Moon.

I've watched Twilight last year on the premier day in Belgium with a friend who is a huge vampire related stories fan, I liked the movie back then, but now no more, thinking it's just a third class love story with super exciting computer effects (and some girls don't even like the computer effects), but at least, it's a sensation.

This year I don't bother to spend €9 on a movie ticket cause First, I'm financially tight. Second, I don't like love story in general, not to mention the storyline is poor and way too exaggerated.

But here the topic is not about the movie but the sensation it made and one of the related industries ---- Cosmetics.

I wouldn't think Twilight Saga has something to do with cosmetics, but somebody did and BAF! There's a makeup line...!

Had a quick glance and got disappointed though I haven't even tried any of their product so far. The price is higher than that of MAC and they only have a very small range of products. They don't even have a foundation...!!! Very unprofessional...!

Needless to say, I don't wanna buy anything from them, they only have a web shop that only ships within USA.

P.S. Essence released their Limited Edition for November and it's another proof that Twilight has made a huge and successful sensation.

A very expensive and luxurious face powder, I shall say, as an opening line.

I already own it for a while and used it a few times. I have to say, I'm rather disappointed in it... -_-

Normally I'm a low-end girl in relation to cosmetics and would never buy something so expensive... But sometimes we adore the vintage packaging, or the special smell that arises our memories from our childhood, or just the brand name, or our hormone works in a weird way, or... nothing, cause we just feel like buying something expensive and expect miracles. Well, I bought it cause I happened to have a gift card from my boyfriend as a birthday gift and I wanted to buy something special with it, to "treat myself", so after a long and tiresome research, I finally settled up with this one.

Guerlain Météorites #3 Beige Chic, 33g, RRP €47.6

Many Guerlain starters would choose #1 but I've already had it and didn't have pleasant experience with it, and initially I didn't want to buy this #3 either, but due to the good reviews on MUA I decided to give it a try... (sigh...) A very big mistake...!

It's in a very beautiful and stunning box, inspired by Marie Antoinette (by the way, she was not French but Austrian)'s jewelery box, truly vintage and elegant...!

The balls are of different sizes and colours: white pearl, yellow, light pink, beige and light brown. Impressive.

I still remember how I opened the box at home with trembling fingers, and how I sniffed at the familiar violet fragrance, so much for my excited heart and senses, yet the delight disappeared as soon as I tried it on my face...

It formed a fine cast on my face, almost translucent and with fine shimmer (I want a matte face powder, not a shimmery one!), I had the feeling that it did nothing except for brightening up my face a little bit, if I think it did much more than that, then it must have been self-suggestion. How sad.

Now I'm stuck here, I don't know what to do with it, I can't simply throw it away, I can't give it away as a gift (it being second hand), I don't wanna use it anymore... I might just put it on the dressing table, letting it remind me how stupid I was to buy something as a "blood rush to head". I'll be more careful with cosmetics and avoid of buying something for the name which I usually regret later. :-(

PROs: Beautiful box.

CONs: Very expensive. Heavily scented. Doesn't control oil.

Verdict: 3 out of 10, won't buy again.

1. Vaseline works actually no less than any lipbalm, if not better, it's sheer and moisturizing, and super cheap too, but not easy to apply cause it doesn't include any applicator so you have to use your finger which is not hygienic. So I still have to stick to my Labello Repair. :-P

2. Lovelace is actually a wonderful blush! I tried it only with skunk brush and it seems not very pigmented but today I tried it again with a regular blush brush and the result is amazing...! Love it! :-D

3. I always thought my skintone was warm, but today, an expert told me, that I'm actually cool toned. O_o

4. Yesterday evening, I wrote the very first poem ever in my life, inspired by Linneke who always encourages me to write something (oh and I still must finish my Reine for her!), and it's in Dutch! Ok, it's a very simple poem, cause people told me poems don't have to be complicated and, basically, even a ten-year-old can write a poem (though I doubt it would be in gibberish! Hahaha!).

The most famous Belgian poet would probably be Paul van Ostaijen, he died young at age 32. He wrote a very bizarre poem that I totally don't understand.

I followed the format of "Ruitgedicht": with a total line of 9 and total words of 25. My poem probably sounds gibberish too, but I'm still proud of it. Below is my poem:

heb gelopen
door het bos
waar ik je zocht
maar ik had geen idee
waar je zou zijn
moe was ik
slaap gevallen

My sincere apologies to Chicane, for torturing his masterpiece Already There, it's not my intention though. I simply love it so much that I have to remake it, though it's a total failure, cause it sounds so pale and lost the "forest fog" atmosphere, but it's not completely my fault, I can't find the right instruments to weave the magical atmosphere... -_-

I only re-made the first half of Already There which is the part I love the most from the original version. A chilly cold, melancholious piece.

The general work took me only 1 afternoon, what's difficult was the re-arranging and finishing work, cause the rhythm beat is difficult to get it exactly the same as it is in the original.

Because it's in MIDI format so the quality is not stable, which means, the output quality depends on your hardware therefore it might vary from computer to computer. -_-

Click here for the original version.

Click here for my version.

Eyeshadows: Since they had a "Gift With Purchase over $30" action and because my order was above $30 so I chose "Storm Cloud" as the free gift, and surprisingly got two extra's from them: Sapphire and Cyprus Sand. Sapphire was the colour that I wanted but eventually chose Storm Cloud, whereas Cyprus Sand is not in their shop at all so I was lucky, and the jar is also a bit smaller. :-P The regular size is around 2g in a 5g jar with sifter. $4. A very big advantage about them is, they don't create a mess when being applied.

Cyprus Sand: is pale gray with fine shimmer and a hint of khaki. I'm not an eyeshadow maniac and I only wear "classic" and "neutral" colours so I'm not sure I would reach it that often, nonetheless I'm very grateful to Silk Naturals. :-)

Storm Cloud: is metallic gray with pale blue undertone (due to the reflection you can only see the blue undertone though), it's a very beautiful colour and versatile too. I guess I'll try to create a "Smokey Look" with it (I actually have never tried Smokey Look nor any other looks yet, I only use one eye colour each time so it's an challenging for me to combine the two colours, it shouldn't be that difficult though).

Sapphire: Very pretty! SN describes it as navy blue which I agree. It's a rich dark midnight blue with shimmer, under certain light you can also detect the beautiful purple sheen. You can create tons of possibility with it, use it wet or dry, wear it along or with other colours, the choice is in the palm of your hand. :-D

Blushes: SN blushes are around 3.5g in a 10g jar, enough to last 2-3 months. The prices vary from $6.5 to $6.75, very reasonable. Like many mineral makeup companies, they categorize their blushes with skintones (cool, warm), finish (shimmer, matte) and textures (powder, cream). Two things they have in common: 1st, they all apply like a dream. 2nd, most of them have sort of an "in between" shade, or appear another colour under reflection (for instance, Nuance looks differently on the two photos, and I think the last one represents Nuance better)...! Compare my swatches with the official ones, you'll be surprised...!

Apple: is shimmery pink (on the dark side) with just a hint of plum tone (in the photo you only see red, but it really IS a pink blush), since almost all the blushes in loose powder form are very pigmented so Apple might suit darker skinned girls, which means I must be very careful not to overdo it.

Climax: SN claims that it's a clone of NARS Orgasm blush. I've never used Orgasm (nor am I going to get it) so I can't compare the two. Climax is a lovely light pale pink with shimmer (in the picture it looks matte though). It will suit cool toned girls better than warm toned.

Embrace: it looks like EDM Plum Dust, though Embrace is lighter. It's matte. I'm not sure if I'll like it, cause it looks too dark and is absolutely not my natural flush colour...! But again, one can never know how it performs before one tries it out oneself, so I still have hope for it, because for the shades I tried so far, I like all of them...! :-D

Foxxy: I almost don't see any difference between Foxxy and Climax, except, maybe, that Climax is on the pink side whereas Foxxy has a hint of plum, it looks very metallic and transparent and crystal-like. I haven't tried it yet on my cheeks and am not sure it'll show up.

Lovelace: A clone of apparently overrated NARS Deep Throat (vulgar name...!). I had NARS Deep Throat and swapped it away, it was okay but nothing special. I was just curious to see how this Lovelace would perform on my cheeks. It gives me a very youthful look, as if I were 5 years younger. ^_^

Nuance: Seeing it for the first time at swatch online, I thought it's a clone of Pout Blossom Belle (a rightly rated and highly sought-after tangerine shade with plenty of shimmer, very unique and flattering on almost all skintone, especially warm skintones. I'm honored to have this shade...!), at least it appears so on the official swatch, hence why I bought it, but when I look at it in the jar, it doesn't look like Blossom Belle, cause it's not that tangerine shade but light pink, but the magical thing is, when applied lightly on my cheeks, it's half pink half tangerine depending on the light, very very pretty. It absolutely deserves 5 stars! I'll definitely buy it again...! It's also the one I love the best among the 7 blushes.

Stardust: in the jar it's a bright cotton candy pink, very girly, with shimmer, but that's very deceptive. It's just as unpredictable as its name: it actually isn't that girly, it's a cold pink (reminds me of MAC's Dame). I always imagine it would suit well on a young noble girl wandering in the garden, with beautiful dress and that cold stare of her blue eyes, with just a hint of Stardust on her pale cheeks (suits cool toned girls better than warm toned ones, so in another word, it won't suit me but I just had to buy it cause it's stunning!). Dazzling! :-P

And last but not least, a photo of all these blushes as a "Perfect Ending" of this post entry. :-D One word of advise though: if you're interested in a certain shade, don't trust the swatches too much, simply read reviews and buy it...! :-D

Voilà, what do you think of them? Let Fan know! :-D

Yesterday I got my first order from Silk Naturals and it was a big one, containing 2 foundation kits, 7 blushers and 3 eyeshadows (two of which are extras from SN company, so they're for free! YAY!). Sorry Izar, no lippies, cause I already decided to collect (almost) all their blushers and lippies, so this order is for blushers and next time will be for lippies. ^_^

So far I only tried the foundation (I finally managed to mix my foundation and it took me 1 hour...!), which is very good (maybe I should use it at least for a week to write an objective review but I can't wait...!). Later I'll write reviews about their blushers and eyeshadows, and today is for foundation.

I bought twice the kit Medium Coverage with Ebony as darker shade, not knowing if it would be suitable to my skintone, but I thought it should be ok, I normally always go for the very light shades with whichever brands cause most of the mineral foundations tend to oxidants on me, don't know why. -_- And SN foundation doesn't make an exception so I mixed an extra amount of white base in it. I didn't bother to remember how many scoops white base and darker shade, I just follow my intuition and it normally works.

The kit contains a bag of white Ivory base (1 table spoon), a bag of Ebony powder (1 table spoon), a tiny measuring scoop, an empty jar with sifter, a sample of Perfecting Powder and an instruction of how to's, tips, tricks etc.

COVERAGE: nice, but not perfect, it covers actually not so well as EDM Intensive formula (maybe I should get the Heavy Coverage kit), but it's also less chalky too. :-) It doesn't feel like "silk" on my skin at all as SN claims, simply a mineral foundation and I used the Perfecting powder in order to control oil but seems it didn't help much, at least I noticed no difference. :-S

FINISH: Matte finish with almost non detective shimmer. No dry patches or flakes (primer and/or moisturizer is needed). YAY!


PRICE: $11.95 Very affordable.

Verdict: 9 out of 10, will definitely buy again! I might place an order around Christmas, hopefully they'll have promotion by then. :-P

These little blushers are absolutely impressive...! Swatches will be for next time. :-P

The same as blushers, these eyeshadows are for next time. :-P

PS By the way, I got my order in 6 days (weekend included) all the way from USA to Belgium which is amazing...! And what makes me happier is that the Belgian Custom House didn't open it and ask for a tax. :-P

A while ago Izar and I were discussing Catrice lipsticks and I offered her two lippies of her choice, and in return I got something very nice from her too, a touch of Budapest and Silk Naturals samples that I've wanted to try, and lots more...! :-)

Aren't they amazing!? I was totally stunned...! I had a good time oohing and aahing (as Izar would say :-P) and having been looking at them with great admiration for quite some time. ^O^

I initially asked a few postcards of Budapest from her, cause I simply like Hungary (I have a special passion for cold countries such as Scandinavia and East Europe, which, namely, are Hungary and Poland). After a quick glance at the postcards, I already picked up the places that I definitely must visit if I ever have the chance to visit this dream country: The Opera House, Fisher's Bastion, Margaret Island and a shop called Philanthia...! Along with the postcards, Izar also sent me a booklet about Budapest in English (thank God). It's such an eye-opener and I can't wait to visit it...!

The SN samples are amazing...! It comes with a white base Ivory (Heavy Formula) and 4 different darker shades to suit different skintones, plus a blusher called Galaxy, they're presented in a lovely (jiffy?) bag.

When mixing the foundation (I chose Ebony which is the lightest among the dark shades), I made a typical starter's mistake: I put all the white base to all the Ebony and the foundation is too dark, and since I don't have more white base to be added, I am kinda stuck here. :-P But still I've tried a little on the back of my hand and seems the coverage is pretty good. My SN order already arrived so I can start my experienment at any time. :-P

But I don't like the blush Galaxy very much to be very honest, cause it's insanely pigmented and can't be toned down by loose powder (the Manhattan loose powder normally does a good job at toning down pigmented blushers but it failed at Galaxy) and the colour is simply too red and way too shimmery (I don't like shimmery stuff, well, a little bit is okay but it can't be too much cause it mostly accentuates my pimples...! -_-). :-S Thank God I didn't order this blush along with my order (I bought 7 blushers from them, enough to last me 2 years...!!!). :-P

And here comes the EDM blusher Theme Park and a sample of Montale "Crystal Flowers". Theme Park is also very bling bling, not so much as Galaxy though, but still, it almost reaches my limit. :-P

But the biggest surprises were her hand written letter and a butterfly she made especially for me...! ^_^ It seems to me she's specialized at making jewelery. I'll hang this lovely butterfly on my Kipling bag "Joanne" ^_^

Voilà, these are the gifts I got from lovely and sweet Izar. ^_^

By the end of the post, I'd love to thank her again, for her thoughtful surprises, for bringing me a touch of Budapest, for giving me the chance of exploring a cosmetics brand that I've been wanting to try, for a hint of luxury - the perfume, for the very personal and warm token of our friendship - the handmade butterfly. Izar, you know who you are...! :-) *hugs*

Chicane's latest single Hiding All The Stars is officially released on iTunes...! YAY! :-D

Well, it's not yet available on iTunes Belgium so currently I can't download it, but I've been listening to it over and over again and I wanna write something, to express my happiness.

After his milestone album "Behind The Sun" has released in 2000, he seldom made "Ibiza Style" trance any more, much to Chicane Fan's disappointment. -_- But Chicane never lets us down! He's experimenting various possibilities and I mostly love them too! Though I have the feeling that they're more commercial than his old albums... :-S

Anyway, we're talking about his new single Hiding All The Stars and this is a wonderful song! The vocal (I was told that the song is written for a certain female boxer and she seems to be the singer of this song too) sounds clean and innocent. The rhyme is fluent, very refreshing. Maybe it's difficult for some Chicane fans's to accept non-trance from him but I absolutely support every turn he makes...! :-D

Interested? (upon opening the link, the song will be played automatically)

Oh and there's another single that I must mention:"House Arrest". It sounds very dancy, that kind of songs that typically is played in disco... At first I didn't like it at all cause I expected a trancy song. But after listening to it for a few times, I realized that this song is actually very charming, there's only one word to describe it: sexy. It doesn't sound like a typical Chicane style song and after further search I learnt that it's a remix version of a very popular dance hit back in the late '80 and I think Chicane's version is more appealing than the original one. :-P

P.S. Izar introduced a soothing song to me: OST from the movie "The Fountain": "Together We Will Live Forever". I'm going to make another version out of it, with another instrument which gives another feeling... ^_^

I bought them back in 2 weeks ago and have been using them since then. Time for a review.

Lush "New" Shampoo Bar:

I think I've lost half of my hair ever since I came to Belgium, it must have something to do with my food and stress (yes stress!). At first I didn't take it seriously but recently I realized that if I didn't take action then I would be bald before I get 30...!

The first potential solution would be taking vitamins, but I was told people are easy to get addicted to it, this idea left me cold, so I thought maybe I should search a new shampoo, though I know it can't solve problems from the root but now I just wanna keep my hair hanging there a bit longer in the mean time I have time to search other solutions. :-P

One day, while shopping with my friend, I saw the shop Lush, I've never been to Lush before cause I'm not someone who is willing to change her skincare products every now and then, though I've heard of this brand before, of course, cause it's frequently discussed on MUA.

Belgium welcomed the first Lush shop since only the end of 2007 and Belgians are usually conservative and are not willing to try new things.

I told the shop assistant my hair loss problem and she immediately recommended shampoo bar "New". I've never tried any shampoo bar before cause I was a bit skeptical cause there might not be enough lather, or it might dry my scalp, or might cause irritation etc.

But I wanted to give it a try, cause I was kinda desperate and my hair was in its worst condition, so even if this shampoo bar would cause irritation, it's actually no big deal, so off I bought it, it cost 8.3 euro. I was told I could use it for 80 times, equivalent to 3 bottles of 250ml shampoo...! :-O

I was stunned.

I've been using it twice per week for 2 weeks only and I noticed the change already, and the biggest benefit is actually not preventing from hair falling (though it helps at that point too) but making my hair super soft and smooth, and it holds oil longer at bay (my hair is super oil) for at least 3 days and no shampoo could ever achieve that. What a miracle...! It doesn't dry out or irritate my scalp at all, and it produces tons of lather, easy to use indeed, all my worries are for nothing! :-D And the very strong cinnamon scent helps me to relax, but if you don't like cinnamon scent, stay away. :-P

All in all, excellent product at a reasonable price. 9 out of 10!

I'm going to buy another Lush shampoo bar to give my hair the extra shine and I'm curious what the shop assistant would recommend me this time.

(Doesn't it look like rice cracker? :-P)

Essence Pocket Beauty Brush:

I wanted a small powder brush that can fit my makeup bag so that I can carry it everywhere and touch up anytime but most brushes available on the market are simply too big, I was so upset until I found this baby and bought it without hesitation. €3.05

It's very small and cute, it measures (when cap closed) only9.5cm from head to toe and fits in any makeup bag. The bristles measure around 3.5cm.

The highlight is, it has a very clever system: it's a retractable brush (see photos below)! You can twist the bristles in when it's not in use and it's protected from dirt. How convenient! :-D

Is it perfect? No. I find the bristles actually a bit stiff but still, I would continue using it and I'm grateful that Essence has such a considerate brush. :-)

PS I've just placed a big order by Silk Naturals and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive...! :-D



Foundation: A mix of EDM "Perfect" in Intensive and Essence Mineral Makeup #2
Blush: Catrice mineral blusher "Wild Rose"
Eyeshadow: Essence September LE "Coffee Cream"
Lipgloss: Pout "Squeeze My Melons"

I'm a blush collector and have many blushes, but some of them are not pigmented enough to show up on my face which is frustrating, but recently I found a new way to apply those unpigmented blushers. :-D

What did I do? I ground them into fine powder...!!! Sounds really crazy but it really works! But how did I discovered this idea?

Still remember my Laura Geller blush Roseberry? I ordered it off eBay and when it arrived it was partly broken, so I gathered the broken parts and ground them into very fine powder and found the colour a bit too pigmented, even with a skunk brush and a light hand, it's not easy to control how much you apply on your cheeks so I didn't use it very often. But a few days ago I tried the blush on the pan and it's not that pigmented than the powder form, it gives just the right amount powder and the chance of overdo reduces dramatically, and I thought, hey, why not do the same with those unpigmented blushers? At first I was not sure if it would work so I tried to dig out a little product from Alverde blush Apricot and ground it into powder, and to my surprise, it really did work, so I immediately ground the whole blush into powder and voilà, a newborn, or rather reborn blush, and the colour seems to be prettier than before, it changed from brick red to light peachy orange...! Magic! :-D

I've passed Manhattan's counter thousand times in Kruidvat, but it didn't really draw my attention until last Friday, I suddenly remember I came across some reviews ( of their loose powder a while ago and they were mostly positive, so I thought maybe I should give it a try, though I already have way too much powder.

I've never tried any of their product before.

It's called Minerals Pure Mat Loose Powder and has two shades, one is slight pink (#3) and the other is beige(#2). I bought it in #2, which is a very slight beige, almost ivory colour powder. 15g. The slight pink one looks beautiful too, pale skinned girls can even use it as a blush I think. I don't know yet how I should use it but I want to try it too...! ^_^

Ok, back to the powder I bought. It's in a lovely round plastic container with a black lid. There's something on the ingredient list that caught my eyes: Sapphire Powder. It's said that it protects the skin and is suitable for all skin types

So far, I've only used Pout Loose Powder and Guerlain Météorites in #3. I can only compare the Manhattan one with Pout one, cause the one from Guerlain is in a different form and different colours, though all of them are loose powder.

The Pout one is 17g, the RRP was around £20. It's light yellow beige but on the face it's almost transparent, the problem is it's a bit too chalky and doesn't do much in term of oil control but still I thought it's a minor problem and have been using it faithfully for almost 2 years, never thinking of trying another brand, cause Pout is my HG brand in general, but it doesn't mean all of their products are that great. I only realized that a while ago.

And the one from Manhattan actually does a better job than Pout: it holds oil longer at the bay, and looks more natural and less chalky. It has a hint smell too being vanilla. There's only one problem: the sponge, I tried it once and immediately threw it away. Sorry Manhattan, but your sponge is really not good. Actually Pout and Guerlain don't provide good quality sponges either and since I always apply loose powder with a brush, so it's not a problem.

Price: €6.85

PROs: Controls Oil, Cheap, Good colour Match, Doesn't feel chalky.

CONs: Poor Quality Sponge.

Verdict: 9 out of 10. Will buy again!

Now I wanna try their lipsticks too, they're mostly in bright colours, too bright to my liking, but I've found some good ones on their website and would buy some in the near future! :-D

Actually not only lipsticks, they have a lot of interesting things, which, one of them is the Liquid Blush that has sadly been discontinued (BeneTint is just way too expensive...! Almost 30 USD for a little bottle of 12.5ml!? It's day light robbery!), but I found it available on a Chinese auction site and will be getting a bottle of mine soon, Joeri is going to China in November and I should not miss the chance. Maybe I should already start making a shopping list for myself, as well as for Joeri, poor him, he'll be carrying way too many things for me all the way from China to Belgium, only to satisfy my passion for cosmetics. :-P

I always thought China had no cosmetics companies, at least no good ones, but seems I was wrong.

I came across this brand, Xie Fu Chun (typically a girl's name), when browsing a Chinese auction website (more or less the Chinese eBay). The packaging was of course the first thing that caught my attention, after an intensive search, I learnt that this company was founded in 1830 and their products were used exclusively by the royal family back in more than 100 years ago...!!! Just fancy...! How cool it would be if you could get that touch of luxury, and knowing that 100 years ago the Chinese princesses were using exactly the same products as you do now!?!?!? WOW!

Sounds like a dream...

I found some reviews of their products and they're almost all very positive, which means I should also try to get them. I don't have to wait for long, cause Joeri will be on a trip to China and I'll ask him to bring back some...! :-D

Their most famous products are/were "Duck Egg Powder (literally translated)" (!!!), cabardine oil (which they don't produce anymore, pity -_-), fragrant bag (sorry for my poor translation -_-). They all belong to the "Vintage series" category. Nowadays they also developed a "Modern series" cosmetics range, together with skincare products based on modern technology, but now I'm focused on their "Vintage series".

Now, photo time: :-D

The first and utmost is of course the "Duck Egg Powder". When I was small, I wondered if it was actually made from duck egg, and of course it's not so, it's just housed in a duck egg shaped (i.e. oval) sturdy cardboard paper box and the colour slightly resembles to duck egg, being purely white or slightly blue due to the light. Xie Fu Chun is generous to make it 50g while the price is around €8, rather decent (it seems they have 2 kinds of packagings for the same product: one simple and one luxurious, and the prices vary a lot, from €3 to €8, so the €8 is the luxurious ones, which are my targets. ^_^ The €5 difference is entirely for the packaging). According to the reviews I found online, the quality is quite good too, and how can we forget the vintage packaging...? It's just such an eye candy and would look absolutely lovely on the dressing table...! :-D

Don't be put off by the extremely pale powder, it won't form a white mask on your face (but still, I think it's only suitable for fair skinned girls), it goes on sheer and smooth, and holds the oil on your T-zone at bay, it evens out your skin tone but doesn't provide coverage, it's up to the standard of a loose powder, but I'm not sure if I should use it as a loose powder or compact powder, and this is not mentioned on their website, it sure looks like a compact powder. :-S

There're four fragrances to choose from: jasmine, rose, gardenia and osmanthus (i.e. "sweet olive" but it has nothing to do with olive, it's totally another kind of plant) and the packagings are different too, but the content is the same.

Traditionally, in the ancient time, almost all the Chinese women, however young or old, rich or poor, used "Duck Egg Powder" (different brands though, all powders were basically called "Duck Egg Powder") as a part of basic makeup routine.

As far as I know, they didn't change the formula, which is nice, though technology is improved.

Hair oil: Yes they produce hair oil too, traditionally, Chinese women were after the shiny black healthy looking hair thus they used hair oil to keep their hair in good condition, which was also mentioned in the classic Chinese literature.

Blush: Yay this is gonna be my favourite part, but strange enough, they only have one shade to choose from, and it's exactly the shade that I would avoid: bubblegum pink...! -_-

But once again, the packaging is striking : it's in a lovely little porcelain pot decorated with peony patterns produced in Jingde county, which is famous for producing the best quality porcelain, which is already something to look forward to, if not for the blush itself. By the way, it's a cream blush, 5g. Around €4.

This is their powder blush, 20g for around €10. The shade is somehow different than the cream blush and they have no numbers/names indicated. :-/

Lipbalm: They only have one lipbalm, as far as I know, the texture is a bit too thick for most girls. I don't think I'm going to get it. It's 5g, around €5.

Their shop as of today:

To be honest, though they're called The First Chinese Cosmetics Brand, I don't think their products are professional: they have only one blush shade to choose from, one eyeshadow too (golden brown), but I still find their Duck Powder interesting and would very much to give it a try. :-D

So what do you think? Let Fan know! :-D

So this is the review of Alverde Tagesfluid (I still don't know what it really means, surprisingly, there're Hungarian, Czetch and Croatian translations) & blush ("Flamingo") and Essence September Limited Edition eyeshadows Wildberry Sorbet, Chocolate Shake and Toffee Cream (just bought it on last Friday).

My favourite type of makeup is mineral makeup, hands down no doubt, but for a while I drifted away from it cause I behold obvious blotches after having applied mineral makeup and it sometimes causes me dry patches, partly because I don't primer, but I do use moisturizer which is Oshadhi Aloe Lavender Lotion (€17 for 100ml), it doesn't help with dry patches and blotches, I was using it for soothing pores and it's super moisturizing, blended with lavender essential oil but not greasy and oil at all on your face, all in all, it's an excellent moisturizer and lives up to its claims, but I need something to solve the blotches and dry patches problem, and now, this problem easily is solved by Alverde Tagesfluid. Miracle in a bottle, yet so cheap.

I don't understand German, but basically, I think it's a moisturizer, it doesn't matter how it's supposed to be used, I just use it as a moisturizer and primer, it's not liquid-like, it's more like a gel, white, no obvious scent and feels comfortable and easy to blend, followed by mineral makeup and I CLEARLY see the differences, there're simply no dry patches nor blotches. Only a lovely made up face. It stays put for 4 hours and then I need to touch up, which is not a problem cause I always take powder and brush with me. :-D

PROs: Not greasy. No residue. Cheap ( any Oshadhi moisturizer is at least 3 times the price of Alverde Tagesfluid). Easy to blend. Gives a nice preparation for makeup. No breakouts.

CONs: Doesn't control oil (which I don't expect either, so I'm not disappointed).

Verdict: 9.5 out of 10, will buy again! I might even replace Oshadhi moisturizer with it.

Price: €3.25 for 50ml

A big THANK YOU to Izar, without her, I wouldn't have discovered this gem...! I couldn't find the Goji products that Izar recommended though, what a pity... :-(

Alverde blush "Flamingo"

It's stark bright red/pink, at first I was a bit frightened but in the meantime was also charmed by the colour, although it's actually nothing special. I remembered my two other Alverde blushers, their pigmentation is rather poor, I hoped this one isn't, cause it looks scarily bright. And well, as soon as I was home I tried it on, the pigmentation is actually not that crazy as I thought. I use a regular blush brush to apply it, as long as I remember to tap off the exceed powder, I won't be like a clown.

PROs: Beautiful colour. Cheap. Doesn't accentuate pimples.

CONs: Eh...?

Verdict: 8 out of 10, but I probably won't buy it again, considering how many blushes I have... :-P

Price: €2.95

Essence September Limited Edition Eyeshadows:

Chocolate Shake:

This is a silver grey colour, not too dark nor too light, just the right colour for me with the right amount of shimmer, it's much more beautiful in reality than on the photo. A real Must-Have...!

Wild berry Sorbet:

This is the one I love the most out of the 3, it's such a beautiful plum colour, with fine shimmer that's hardly noticeable, it can create a smoky look or a laid back look, truly a versatile colour, and elegant too...!!!

Coffee Cream:

This is an everyday colour that can be used on the whole eyelid, when I tried it on the back of my hand in the shop, it was rather light, I feared it might not show up on my eyes, but it does!

I can't believe that I could be so clumsy!! On the second day that I bought it, I accidently dropped it on the flour and of course this baby is broken. :-(

PROs: Great colours. Non creasing. Easy to blend.

CONs: None (not that I know of, at least)...!

Verdict: All 3 of them are very nice! I wish they were permanent products. :-(

Price: €1,99

What do you think...? Let Fan know...! :-D

P.S. By the way, Oshadhi is a very good German brand that only produces 100% organic products, they select the finest ingredients and follow strict procedure to pursue their goals, they have a large selection of Aroma oils and provide a few hundreds (!!!) kinds of aroma oils in different contents.

In order to celebrate Joeri's birthday, I went to Aachen on last Friday (he happened to drive the train to Aachen on that day and had a sleepover there) and had a shopping day (actually only 2 hours, but it's already more than enough) on Saturday.

After I arrived in Aachen and met up with Joeri, we first had a pop-up in DM store, merely 10 minutes. I wanted to buy the moisturizer that Izar had mentioned on her blog, and then Joeri reminded me that I had enough moisturizer to last me 2 years so I didn't buy it, though it looked good and the price is low-budget friendly.

Eventually, I left the shop empty handed and went to the restaurant...

It's an exotic Thai restaurant not far from Aachen Station. Joeri has been to here many times so he's kind of a regular customer. I've also been to here at last 5 times. Their service and tasty food makes us come back for more. I ordered lamb with green curry, which reminds me of hot pot in Beijing. :-P

After dinner, we went to the hotel, it's not in the downtown area, it's located in a quiet neighborhood. We were bathed in starlight. walking hand in hand on the narrow pavement, I suddenly had a strange déjà vu feeling, as if I had been to here long ago, and the smell of fresh air was familiar too.

The hotel, Rosenpark Laurensberg is an ideal place to lodge, there's no shopping centre and noisy schools around, only a small super market, and yet not far from downtown area. The room is clean and well furnitured, the soft bed ensures a good rest. Of course, you pay €80 per night per person, hence why everything is satisfying.

On the second day I was alone, Joeri got up early to work and I took the bus to the shopping street and was wandering around. You bet I would visit DM again cause I thought I'd better buy the moisturizer that Izar recommended, eventually I bought it, together with an Alverde blush called Flamingo. I'll write a detailed review about them.

One thing that I like German cosmetics companies is that they have a fair "global price program", I mean, as far as I know, Catrice and Essence in Germany have the same prices as they're in Belgium. Well, maybe some items are slightly more expensive in Belgium but it's within a reasonable range, let's say, 10 cents, which doesn't hurt at all. And many international known cosmetics brands have crazy prices in Belgium or Germany, so crazy that I can't afford, such as MAC, a #109 brush costs £20 (equivalent to €22) in the UK whereas it's €32 in Belgium!?!?!? (#187 brush costs £29 in the UK and €49 in Germany!?!?!?) Plus, I don't think the MAC items that I've tried deliver excellent quality. I had a few MAC blushes and 2 brushes, I bought them at the local MAC boutique, not on eBay. I expected good result but only got disappointment. In the next week I already swapped them away on MUA. I also had Ultra Mat foundation from Dior, and after having tried it, I had the feeling that I just bought a bottle of tinted water...! What a rip off! Well, if you're curious about the foundation or if you're planning on buying it, see the review here.

P.S. Before going to Aachen, I purchased 2 eyeshadows from Essence's September 2009 limited edition Creamylicious in Kruidvat. The colours are so tempting and I have been wanting a plum colour eyeshadow, cause a lot of colours actually don't suit me, such as blue, green, yellow, black etc. I'm currently using Catrice High Pearl Loose Powder Eyeshadow, it's silver grey and I'm satisfied with it, but it's been discontinued so I have to search another one for daily wear. I'm glad to have found Creamylicious eyeshadow Wild Berry Sorbet, the plum colour one, unfortunately it's only a limited edition but well, maybe by the time when I use it up I already find something that I like.

The colour I bought are Wild Berry Sorbet (plum colour) and Chocolate Shake (grey with fine shimmer). At first I only wanted Wild Berry Sorbet, which was love at first sight, but Kruidvat had promotion if you buy any 2 products from Essence, so the choice was easily made. :-P

So far, I only tried Wild Berry Sorbet. It's plum coloured, with fine shimmer (hardly noticeable), super creamy and easy to apply, stays put for a good 6 hours (I used eye primer prior applying this eyeshadow). I'll write a review soon.

I'm now thinking of getting the light brown one too, if Kruidvat still carries it. Fingers crossed...! :-P

P.S. I didn't get the lovely baked bronzer cause I never use bronzer, of course I can use it as a blusher but then it would be way too shimmery... -_-


  1. Chicken wings 1kg
  2. Coke 800ml
  3. Oil 25ml
  4. Soya Sauce 80ml (Can be found in China Town)
  5. Sugar 30g
  6. Salt 5g
  7. Ginger slices 20g
  8. Onion 20g
  9. Cooking wine 10ml (Can be found in China Town)
The 4 most important ingredients:

1. Wash the chicken wings thoroughly, cut twice on each wings so that the sauce that later I'll mention can be absorbed by the wings easily. Shortly boil them in hot water for 10 minutes on high fire.

2. Mix soya sauce, 5ml cooking wine and salt as sauce and mix with the wings. Leave them there for 20 minutes so that the sauce gets absorbed. 3. Put the oil in pre-warmed tepid wok, wait for a few seconds and then put the sugar in, keep the fire low, continuously stir it until the sugar becomes dark brown-red (sugar is easy to get burnt), add the wings and continue stir until it becomes gold colour, add coke, salt, soya sauce, onion, gember, turn the fire high (maximum) until it starts boiling, turn the fire low, put the wok cover on until the coke is absorbed. Voilà...!

This is a perfect example of tasty Chinese cuisine, yet easy to cook too. ^_^

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